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What do you think of the current situation of the hydraulic press manufacturing industry at home and abroad?

by:WORLD     2022-10-02

What do you think of the current situation of the hydraulic press manufacturing industry at home and abroad? First of all, let's look at the current situation of the hydraulic press manufacturing industry in China. Forging equipment is a forming machine tool, and hydraulic press is an important member of it. According to the industry statistics released by the China Machine Tool Industry Association in recent years, the market capacity of China's forging equipment is close to 70 billion yuan, and the hydraulic press, which accounts for about 30% of the forging equipment, has a market capacity of about 20 billion yuan. As for the number of hydraulic press manufacturers, although there are no exact statistics, it is estimated that there are nearly a thousand. Mainly are state-owned restructuring enterprises and private enterprises.

At present, China's hydraulic press products still continue the two classification methods of small and medium-sized hydraulic presses. First, it is divided into two categories: general purpose and special purpose according to product use. Second, according to the weight of the product itself, it is divided into general, large and heavy. A hydraulic press with a weight of less than 10 tons is called a general hydraulic press, a large hydraulic press with a weight of 10 to 30 tons, and a heavy hydraulic press with a weight of more than 30 tons.

The manufacture of general-purpose, small and medium-sized four-column hydraulic press products is dominated by small and medium-sized private enterprises with less than 100 employees, and has obvious product price advantages in the low-end market. There are nearly 50 general-purpose hydraulic press manufacturers in Baipu Town, Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with annual sales of nearly 1.5 billion yuan.

The manufacture of special-purpose, large and heavy-duty hydraulic press products is mostly concentrated in enterprises with strong strength. The area forming hydraulic presses used in the automobile industry are mainly hydraulic press manufacturers affiliated to the former Ministry of Machinery Industry; the volume forming hydraulic presses used for forging are mainly key enterprises and heavy machinery enterprises.

The product variety, performance and appearance of Chinese hydraulic press manufacturers are quite similar. The backbone enterprises can almost produce various series of stand-alone products for the main process processing in the multi-process forming process, but they lack special, refined, special products and complete sets of line products. Before the delivery of hydraulic press products, due to the lack of process verification stage, enterprises often fall into the embarrassing situation of 'reassured that the product does not leave the factory, and troubled after delivery'.

The status quo of hydraulic press manufacturing in industrialized countries. The hydraulic press products manufactured by industrialized developed countries such as Germany, Japan and France represent the international advanced technology level of contemporary hydraulic presses. Most of the hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises in these industrially developed countries have the following three notable characteristics:

One is to lock in the target market and serve the field of professional forming technology. German hydraulic press manufacturers target modern mass manufacturing such as automobiles, general mechanical parts and household appliances. For example, the German DORST Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of powder metallurgy products hydraulic presses, the German Dieffenbacher company specializes in FRP hydraulic presses, and the German Schuler Group SMG company produces the plate area required by the automobile manufacturing industry. Hydraulic presses for forming and metal volume forming are predominant. In the early 1990s, 'Tianjin Nande Press Co., Ltd.', a joint venture established by Tianduan, CITIC and Germany's SMG in Tianjin Development Zone, produced this type of product.

Japanese hydraulic press manufacturers also target mass manufacturing such as automobiles and serve various forming process fields. For example, Japan's Amino Co., Ltd. mainly produces hydraulic presses for automobile panel mold manufacturing and hydraulic presses for automobile liquid-filled forming parts. In the mid-1990s, Tianduan cooperated with Aminuo Co., Ltd. to produce four hydraulic presses for research and development and one hydraulic press for trial molds, which were used in the mold center project of Tianjin Automobile Factory.

The second is to provide complete sets of equipment for the complete process forming process. Hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises in industrially developed countries focus on providing equipment for multi-pass processes to the forming process market, and provide complete services for multi-process forming processes through automatic connection between each process. For example, the refrigerator compressor shell production line successfully developed by SMG in Germany in the 1980s covers all processes such as uncoiling - leveling - conveying - punching - stretching - drilling - stacking, etc., and manufactures 13 shells per minute. or 15 caps.

The third is to focus on product forming process research and process verification. German hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises attach great importance to the research of product use process and have the right to speak in the forming process. For example, the German Dieffenbacher company is not only a manufacturer of hydraulic presses for FRP products, but also a manufacturer of FRP products using hydraulic presses for FRP products, so that it has sufficient process verification, which can greatly meet the user's use process requirements.

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