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What can a hydraulic machine crush?

by:WORLD     2022-09-02

This weekend, I will show you something easy, no need to think about it, what can a hydraulic press crush?

01 Glass

▲This is our common ordinary glass, which is placed in a pile on the hydraulic press

▲A small metal cylinder is placed on top of the glass

▲A pile of glass pieces burst instantly

▲Look at the moment when the glass bursts in slow motion!

02 Bulletproof glass

▲ Take a ruler to measure the thickness of the bulletproof glass, about 20mm

▲Put the bulletproof glass under the hydraulic press, the hydraulic press slowly descends and starts rolling, and the bulletproof glass has cracks

▲After the hydraulic press was lifted, it was found that the lower layer of the bulletproof glass had obvious cracks, and the upper layer was almost unchanged.

▲ Change the middle position, the hydraulic press rolls, the bulletproof glass cracks more and more

▲ My finger pressed hard on the crack, but it couldn’t be pressed

▲Take out the hammer and knock it hard a few times. Although there are more cracks, it is still a single piece of glass.

▲ Change the position of the corner again, the hydraulic press squeezes, and the bulletproof glass cracks more and more

▲Take a hammer and knock it hard a few times, the bulletproof glass is still a whole piece, not shattered, the quality is too good!

Bulletproof glass is a composite material obtained by special processing of glass (or plexiglass) and high-quality engineering plastics. It is usually a transparent material, usually including a polycarbonate fiber layer sandwiched in an ordinary glass layer. The thickness of the sandwich PC is generally 0.5mm-5mm, and its plastic inner layer can absorb part of the energy and shock wave pressure generated during the impact and explosion process, and will not scatter even if it is shattered.

03 Plexiglas

▲The hydraulic press moves down to roll the plexiglass and can only last for 3-4 seconds

▲Plexiglas deformed and finally penetrated

04 Napkins

▲The hydraulic press slowly rolled down 300 napkins, which was very fast at the beginning

▲Then the hydraulic press rolled down a little slower, but it was still moving down

▲The downward rolling speed of the hydraulic press is getting slower and slower, and finally it stops moving and stops at a certain position

▲The hydraulic press is lifted up, and you can see that the napkin is pressed into cardboard

▲ There is still a certain strength to hit the cardboard with a hammer!

05 Domestic slippers

▲The hydraulic press rolls down the domestic plastic slippers

▲After lifting, I found that the slippers immediately returned to their original shape

▲ Roll the folded slippers again

▲ Lift the hydraulic press, and the slippers return to their original shape again

▲I give full marks to such domestic slippers!

The working principle of the hydraulic press:

According to the requirements of the pressing process, the main cylinder of the hydraulic press can complete the basic working cycle of rapid downward movement, deceleration pressing, pressure holding delay, pressure relief return, and stop (any position), and the pressure, speed and pressure holding time can be adjusted. The ejector hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to eject the workpiece, and it is required to realize the actions of ejection, retraction and stop.

The speed of the master cylinder is determined by the pressure processing process. Generally, in the hydraulic system directly supplied by the pump, the working stroke speed does not exceed 50mm/s, the fast forward speed does not exceed 300mm/s, and the hydraulic press fast reverse speed and fast forward speed. equal.

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