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What are the working principles and operation methods of the CNC hydraulic shearing machine?

by:WORLD     2022-08-17

The CNC hydraulic shearing machine is mainly used for metal processing. It uses the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade to cut the metal. The precautions in operation and its working principle will be discussed with you today. Hope In the future, when you come into contact with this industry, you will no longer be confused.

Working principle of CNC hydraulic shearing machine

The working principle of CNC hydraulic shearing machine, the upper blade is fixed on the tool holder, the lower blade is fixed on the lower bed surface, the bed is equipped with a ball to facilitate the feeding and movement of the sheet, and the rear baffle is used for sheet positioning. , the position is adjusted by the adjusting pin. The hydraulic press cylinder is used to press the sheet material to prevent the sheet material from turning over during shearing. Shed boards are safety devices to prevent industrial accidents.

Adjust the tailgate

Align the template with the lower knife edge, and then put the back plate against the template and fix it, remove the template, and then install the sheet for cutting.

Adjust the front bezel

Place the rear baffle against the lower knife edge, then place the template against the rear baffle, and close the front baffle against the template and fix it. Loosen the rear baffle, remove the template, install the sheet, and cut it.

Adjust the corner baffle

First place the template on the table to align the lower knife edge, adjust the corner baffle and fix it, then adjust the back baffle according to the template, and use both the corner baffle and the rear baffle for positioning during the cutting process.

How to use the CNC hydraulic shearing machine:

Start the CNC hydraulic shearing machine for several cycles of idling to ensure that under normal conditions, trial shearing of sheets of different thicknesses, from thin to thick. Make sure the user is familiar with the performance of the CNC hydraulic shearing machine.

Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial shearing. If the corresponding blade clearance is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.

The CNC hydraulic shearing machine turns on the pressure gauge switch during the shearing process and observes the pressure value of the oil circuit. The pressure setting at the factory must comply with this regulation, and it is not allowed to increase the pressure for shearing the surface of the material beyond the specified, causing damage to the machine.

Sound balance during operation. If there is noise in the CNC hydraulic shearing machine, it should be stopped for inspection.

Fuel tank increases temperature during operation<Shut down and rest when it exceeds 60 degrees.

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