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What are the requirements of the hydraulic press for the working medium

by:WORLD     2022-09-08
The working medium of the hydraulic press is used to transmit the pressure, ensure the sensitive work of each part of the equipment, prolong the service life and avoid leakage. So what are the requirements of the hydraulic press for the working medium?

(1) It can have a good lubricating effect on the equipment, which can ensure the sensitive operation of the equipment.

(2) It needs to play a role in rust prevention, and avoiding the rust of the equipment can prolong the service life of the equipment.

(3) It has social fluidity and low compressibility, which can well ensure the transmission of pressure and shave the transmission efficiency.

(4) Easy to seal.

(5) Long service life.

If the working medium has good stability and does not deteriorate after long-term use, it can reduce the use cost of the working medium and reduce the replacement work. Because of the above requirements, the initial working medium of the hydraulic press is water, and then the water becomes the emulsion added to the water. In this way, the anti-rust and lubricating effects are well improved, and there are many types of emulsions. There are also some differences in the above aspects. Among them, water-based emulsions are very satisfactory products, but their use costs are limited. its promotion.

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