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What are the prices that affect the four-column hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-09-25
The price of the four-column hydraulic press is mainly affected by the quality of the product. The main components on the hydraulic press are hydraulic components and electrical components. The price of accessories provided by different manufacturers will be much different. The three-beam four-column hydraulic press is independently developed, produced and designed by Shanghai WORLD Press Machine Machinery Co., Ltd. The equipment consists of two parts: the main engine and the control mechanism, which are connected by pipelines and electrical devices to form a whole.

The host part includes the fuselage, the master cylinder, the stroke limiting device, etc. The control mechanism includes a hydraulic pump station (power system), an electrical box, and a mobile console. The three-beam four-column hydraulic press is widely used in fastener factories, automobile maintenance, hardware industry, car parts companies, mining, electronic components, watch straps, jewelry, lighting, lighting, mobile phone casings, pumps, electrical equipment and other industries.

Manufacturer's strength factors:

Small manufacturers have insufficient strength, do not require high equipment assembly accuracy, and naturally use less time and labor, which will also affect the price.

Factors of after-sales service of manufacturers:

Some manufacturers do not provide after-sales service or the after-sales service is not in place, so naturally they will not calculate the cost of after-sales service into the price.

Equipment maintenance:

During the warranty period, the four-column hydraulic press provided by some manufacturers is not in warranty after leaving the factory, but for our company, there is a one-year warranty period, and there is free maintenance for problems.

Shanghai WORLD Press Machine Machinery Co., Ltd. can process and customize according to customer requirements, such as the table size, stroke length, opening height, working pressure, running speed, automatic loading and unloading, automatic/semi-automatic, etc. of the hydraulic press; tailor-made high-quality hydraulic press equipment to meet customers’ needs production process requirements.

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