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What are the main functions of CNC bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-27

What are the main functions of CNC bending machine PLC? Do you understand? If you don't understand, the world press machine has compiled some information. Let's study it together today. A total of 11 key points have been sorted out, and everyone will study it carefully. I hope that in the future, everyone will come into contact with this convenient thing and understand it.

The main functions of CNC bending machine PLC:

With the continuous development of PLC technology, the following control functions have been completed at present.

(1) Conditional control function: Conditional control (also known as logic control or sequence control) function refers to the use of PLC and, or, non-instructions to replace the series, parallel and other logical connections of relay contacts.

The bending machine is switched on and off.

(2) Timing and counting control functions: Timing and counting control functions refer to the use of timer and counter instructions provided by PLC to realize timing or counting control of certain operations to replace time relays and counting relays.

(3) Step control function: The step control function refers to the use of step commands to realize the control of multiple processing procedures. Only after the previous process is completed, the control of the next process operation can be carried out to replace the numerical control folding. Stepper controller composed of bending machine hardware.

(4) Data processing function: The data processing function means that PLC can perform data transmission, comparison, shift, digital system conversion, arithmetic operation and logical operation, as well as encoding and decoding operations.

(5) A∞ and D/A conversion function: A/D and D/A conversion function refers to the conversion between analog and digital quantities through AID and D/A modules.

(6) Motion control function: The motion control function refers to single-axis or multi-axis motion control through high-speed counting modules and position control modules.

(7) Process control function: The process control function refers to the closed-loop control of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed, and flow rate through the P]D control instruction or module of the PLC.

(8) Expansion function: The expansion function refers to increasing the number of input and output points by connecting the input/output expansion unit (ie UO expansion unit) module, and also by adding various intelligent units and special function units to improve the control capability of the PLC.

(9) Remote uo function: The remote vo function refers to connecting various input/output devices scattered at a long distance with the PLC host through the remote uo unit to perform remote control, receive input signals, and transmit output signals.

(10) Communication networking function: The communication networking function refers to the realization of remote I/O control or data exchange through the networking between PLCs, the connection between PLCs and the host computer, etc., to complete large-scale system control.

(11) Monitoring function: The monitoring function means that the PLC can monitor

The operation status and process of each part of the CNC bending machine system, alarm and record the abnormal situation in the system, and even automatically terminate the operation; it can also adjust and modify the set values ​​of timers and counters in the control program online or force I/O O state.

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