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What are the effects of bubbles in the four-column hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-10-25
In the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, when the pressure of the flowing liquid is lower than the air separation pressure, the air originally dissolved in the liquid will be released, resulting in a large number of air bubbles in the liquid. This is cavitation in hydraulics. Due to the serious harm caused by the bubble phenomenon, it is necessary to pay attention to it when using it, and eliminate it as much as possible. This article will explain the existence and influence of the bubble phenomenon in a four-column hydraulic press.

The hydraulic oil we usually use will inevitably contain some air, partly in a bubble state, partly dissolved in the used hydraulic oil. At normal temperature, mineral oil can dissolve about 6% to 12% of air. The ability of oil to dissolve air is proportional to hydraulic pressure. When hydraulic oil begins to flow in the hydraulic system, the pressure in the middle and upper areas of the flow will be very low. The oil and gas will be separated and the air dissolved in it will be separated and bubbles will form. When the pressure is below the saturated vapor pressure at the current temperature, the hydraulic oil partially evaporates and bubbles form in the oil.

The impact of these large numbers of air bubbles on the use of a four-column hydraulic press is as follows:

First, vibration and noise are generated. When the air bubbles break up the liquid particles and hit each other, they also hit the metal surface and produce noises of different frequencies. In severe cases, an audible 'pop' from the inside of the pump can be heard, which in turn can cause the equipment to vibrate.

Second, it will reduce pump performance. A large number of air bubbles will be generated and the flow passage will be blocked, which will seriously damage the continuous flow of liquid in the four-column hydraulic pump, thereby reducing the flow, head and efficiency of the pump.

Third, it will destroy the overcurrent part of the four-column hydraulic press. Due to mechanical ablation and electrochemical corrosion, the metal materials of some piping parts of the four-column hydraulic press are damaged, and the parts damaged by air bubbles are usually located near the outlet of the impeller and the inlet of the discharge chamber. At the beginning of this phenomenon, pits appear on the metal surface, and then various shapes such as sponges, grooves, honeycombs, fish scales, etc.; more severe cases may lead to perforations of blades or front and rear covers , even the impeller breaks.

In the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, installing the hydraulic valve table near the actuator can greatly shorten the total length of the hydraulic pipeline, thereby reducing the number of pipe joints. Minimize the number of tubing connections and flanges as much as possible. In the design, the widely used stack valve, cartridge valve and plate valve, and the combination of the manifold block to reduce the leakage point of the pipeline is one of the effective measures to prevent leakage. Hydraulic systems should be kept away from external sources of vibration. Pipes should be equipped with pipe clamps. The pump source can use shock absorbers, high pressure hoses, compensating tubes or pulse absorbers to smooth out pressure pulsations and reduce vibration.

Installing the hydraulic valve table in the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press closer to the actuator can greatly reduce the overall length of the hydraulic line and the number of pipe joints. Therefore, as long as the working conditions are consistent, try to extend the reversing time, that is, set a buffer groove on the spool, or install a buffer cone structure on the spool or a control valve that prolongs the reversing time. Hydraulic shock is usually caused by rapid reversal.

The four-column hydraulic press adopts the gap sealing motion pair, and its machining accuracy and coordination improve the sealing device, such as changing the 'v'-shaped sealing ring on the piston rod to a 'y'-shaped sealing ring, which not only has low friction and reliable sealing. Regular inspection, regular maintenance and timely disposal are the basic guarantees to prevent leakage and reduce failures. The hydraulic shock and mechanical vibration of the four-column hydraulic press directly or indirectly affect the system, causing loose pipe joints and causing leakage.

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