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What are the components of the telescopic cylinder of the hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-09-04
At present, most hydraulic presses use telescopic cylinders. What components are these parts of the device composed of? What is it like when he is working? In response to these two questions, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will answer.

The structure of the telescopic cylinder on the hydraulic press is very simple. It is mainly composed of two or more piston cylinders. The inner hole of the piston rod of the former piston cylinder is the cylinder barrel of the latter piston cylinder. It can get a long working stroke when retracting, and maintain a small structural size when retracting.

The extension action of the telescopic cylinder is generally carried out step by step. When the end of the stroke is reached, the cylinder with a slightly smaller diameter will start to extend, and the final stage with a small diameter will extend. As the diameter of the extension cylinder becomes smaller, the working speed of the telescopic cylinder is gradually accelerated. It can be seen that the quality of the telescopic cylinder will directly determine the running speed of the hydraulic press, so it should be selected carefully.

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