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What are the characteristics of servo press ?


Servo press is a new direction for the development of forming equipment. It can not only realize the flexibility and intelligence of forming equipment, but also improve productivity and product quality, save energy and protect the environment. Because of the excellent performance of servo press in punching, deep drawing, extrusion, fine blanking and other processes, the machine has been more and more widely used. Next, we briefly introduce the characteristics, working principle and transmission mode of the servo punch, hoping to help you better understand it.

The points are as follows:
       What is a servo press
       Servo press features 
       Servo punch transmission 

What is a servo press
       Servo press is a press driven by servo motor. Electronic press can accurately control pressure stroke. At the same time, the pressure sensor of the machine can monitor the pressure travel and pressure in real time, so in todav's societv. servo punch is widely used in transmission assemblv and other industries, In.the use process, we can improve the assembly quality by setting pressure and displacement. Therefore, They replacing traditional pneumatic and hydraulic press will become the development trend in the field of automatic assembly in the future.

Servo press features

       Servo press is a new energy-saving Mechatronics product. It has the following characteristics

       1.Precise closed-loop control of pressure and displacement is more accurate than other types of press.
       2.Compared with the traditional pneumatic press, the energy-saving effect of hydraulic press is over 80%, which is more environmentallyfriendly and safe, and can meet the requirements of dust-free workshop equipment
       3.The whole process curve of servo pressure and displacement can be displayed on LCD touch screen. 
       4.The whole process control can automaticlly judge whether the product is qualified or not at any re-operation stage, and 100% of the bad products can be removed, so as to achieve online quality management.
       5.Pressure, depth, depth and retention time can be input on the operation panel. The interface is friendly and the operation is simple.
       6.You can customize, store and invoke 100 sets of suppression programs. There are three pressing modes to meet your different process requirements
Through the USB interface, news data can be stored in flash disk to ensure the trace ability of product processing data and facilitate the management of production quality control.
       7. Because the machine itself has precise pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to add additional hard restrictions on the fixture.When processing products of different specifications, only different pressing procedures need to be invoked to facilitate the multi-purpose and flexible.assembly of one machine

Servo punch transmission

       The drive mode of servo press mainly includes the following contents
       (1) Linear servo motor drives slider directly.Linear servo motor directly converts electric energy into linear kinetic energy, promotes the work of slider, realizes "zero drive" and has the shortest transmission chain. Therefore, the Electronic press has simple structure, high transmission efficiency, high accuracy and good energy saving effect. Due to the limitation of output torque of linear servo motor, this structure is mainly used in small short stroke press.
       (2) Using linear servo motor to drive crankshaft directlThe servo motor is directly connected with the crankshaft through the gear pair. The rotational motion of servo motor is transformed into linear motion of slider through gear pair and linkage mechanism. The speed and position of the slider can be accurately controlled.
The structure of servo press is simoler than that of traditional press, but due to the limitation of servo motor torque, the tonnage o pressis smaler, and it is mainly used in medium and small press. The rotational motion of servo motor is converted into linear motion of slider by synchronous belt (or gear pair) and.ball screw pair. Closed-loop control is realized by measuring the motion of slider by grating ruler and other displacement sensors. Its motion characteristic is similar to that of hydraulic press, and the rated pressure can be obtained during the whole stroke. But the limitation of this transmission mode is that the bearing capacity of ball screw pair is limited, the efficiency of sliding screw is low, and the tonnage of press is small.
      This structure is generally divided into two situations:The drive structure of single servo motor is often used in screw precision press. Work under static pressure.. 
It adopts multi-servo motor drive structure, mainly used for servo bending machine and closed double-point press.

       Servo press, as a new type of Mechatronics product, has been favored and recognized by more and more enterprises in order to save energy, low noise, good.environment, low maintenance cost, excellent control and stability. Especially on the premise of paying attention to energy and environment, servo punch has gradually replaced the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic press. So after listening to the introduction, if you want to buy a suitable equipment, please choose our company, our company is now committed to the production of Electronic press and other new machines. Of course, if you have any questions about servo press, please consult us in time.

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