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What are the advantages of the pressure sensor of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-04
Pressure sensor is one of the more commonly used sensors in industrial practice. Pressure sensors are generally manufactured by using pressure effects, also known as piezoelectric sensors. In the hydraulic press automatic control system, the decision whether to choose position control, speed control or pressure control is mainly the choice of sensor. The pressure sensor is selected for pressure control, and the speed sensor is selected for speed control.

In short, the principle of adding a pressure sensor to the hydraulic press is to convert the pressure value into the pressing force value through the data acquisition and system processing composed of a microcomputer, display the number, and then send out the sound and light alarm and stop signal, which is conducive to the pressing. Automatic force control, its advantages include load display controller, clear display, accurate control, fast response, stable and reliable work, replacement of different sensors and application software, used for forging equipment of different tonnages, and the application of counters is conducive to operator statistics In addition, two-hand buttons are also added, which is beneficial to improve the safety of machine operation.

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