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What are the advantages of link drive press ?


With the rapid development of industry, the requirements of production equipment in related fields are getting higher and higher. However, some traditional forging equipment can not meet the existing requirements, so some people have studied and invented the link drive press. This is an advanced shaping and rapid development prospect of industrial manufacturing machinery and equipment. It can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also promote.the development of related industries. So, compared with other printing presses, what are the outstanding advantages of this press? Here we briefl introduce, hoping to help vou better understand the chain press, a new type of equipment.

The discussion points are as follows: 
       What is a link drive press
       Advantages of chain presses 
       Maintenance of this press
       In conclusion

What is a link drive press
Link drive press is an advanced press equipment, which is the integration of many press. It usually consists of wire head unit, feed mechanism, press and wire tail. The fastest beat can exceed 25 beats per minute so it can meet the needs of high-speed automatic production. Wire head unit can be divided into stacking unit, tape and cleaning unit oiling equioment, etc Feeding mechanism is generally composed of feeding arm; press is generally divided into multiple sliders and sliders, according to different needs, tail is generally composed of conveyor belt. The connecting rod mechanism can not only reduce the sliding speed, the impact noise and vibration of the tool, but also achieve better working conditions.

Advantages of chain presses
From the point of view of actual production and application, it is more energy-saving and produces less noise than traditional press. It is a safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly printing press. And it can achieve flexible processing, whether it is drawing, blanking, holding pressure and other complex processes, can be achieved, It is also possible to set appropriate processing curves according to different materials and processes. Therefore, this kind of press is not only widely used, but also can completely replace the mechanical press when the slider stroke is enough. So, what specific advantages does it.have?
(1)Super hard steel frame.
(2) Minimizing frame deflection.
(3) Rapid response to hydraulic overload.
(4) Super-long, accurate six-point G 
(5) Easy to install the chip pad.
(6) High driving torque wet clutch and brake.

Maintenance of this press
With the widespread use of link press, daily maintenance is also one of the main difficulties. Next. we put forward some noteworthy aspects
(1) Clean the electrical box, check whether the electrical components and lines are in good condition, replace the components according to the situation, check whether the main motor has abnormal heating, vibration, sound, etc
(2) Check the fit clearance between slider and guide rail, confirm whether the fixing bolt is loose and adjust it.
(3) The surface of the wiper should be clean, rust-free, dust-free and oilfree. Keep the platform clean and protected, no collision, scratch, timely repail damage.
(4) Check the clearance between clutch and brake friction disc.
Only by doing a good job of daily maintenance, it is possible to make the machine play the greatest role and better promote the development of related industries.

In conclusion
The emergence of link drive press has brought unprecedented leap-forward development for our development. It has the characteristics of high automation, high productivity and safe operation, It not only deals with relatively complex work pieces through science and technology. but also promotes the development of industry. Therefore, the development prospect of chain press is very good. If you want to know more about the connecting rod drive press, please contact our company in time, we are committed to the production of this series of new equipment

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