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What are the advantages of hydraulic transmission of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-03
Do you know what are the advantages of hydraulic transmission of hydraulic presses?

1. Under the same volume, the hydraulic device can generate more power than the electrical device, because the pressure in the hydraulic system can be 30-40 times larger than the magnetic force in the armature magnetic field. Under the same power, the hydraulic device is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. The volume and weight of the hydraulic motor are only about 10%-12% of the same power snarl.

2. The hydraulic device works relatively smoothly. Due to its light weight, low inertia and fast response, the hydraulic device is easy to realize starting, braking and frequent reversing. The reversing frequency of the hydraulic device can reach 500 times/min when the reciprocating and rotating motion is realized, and 1000 times/min when the reciprocating linear motion is realized.

3. The hydraulic device can realize stepless speed regulation in a wide range, and it can also adjust the speed during operation.

4. Hydraulic transmission is easy to automate, because it is easy to adjust or control the liquid pressure, flow or flow direction. When hydraulic control is used in combination with electrical control, electronic control or pneumatic control, the entire transmission device can perform very complex sequence actions and accept remote control.

5. The hydraulic device is easy to realize overload protection. Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors can work in a stalled state for a long time without overheating, which is impossible for electrical transmissions and mechanical transmissions. Hydraulic parts can be self-lubricated and have a long service life.

6. Since the hydraulic components have been standardized, serialized and generalized, the design, manufacture and use of the hydraulic system are more convenient. The arrangement of hydraulic components also has greater flexibility.

7. Using hydraulic transmission to achieve linear motion is far simpler than using mechanical transmission.

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