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What are the advantages of hydraulic press ?


With the development of social economy and science and technology, hydraulic press is one of the most widely used equipment in product forming production. Since the 19th century, it has been developing faster and faster. It has become one of the indispensable equipment in industrial production. In addition, the wide adaptability of hydraulic press in production has won the favor and favor of all walks of life in the national economy. So what makes this device so popular? Next, we briefly introduce the advantages of hydropress and its safe operation process.

The main points are as follows:
       What is a hydraulic presse 
       Advantages of hydropresse 
       Hydraulic machine safety operation process 

What is a hydraulic press
       Hydraulic press is a high-tech product. It is a new type of intelligent equipment which integrates machinery, electricity, gas and liquid. It has a high degree of electrical automation. It is mainly made of liquid as working medium, according to Pascal principle, transferring energy and realizing various processes.Generally speaking, it consists of three parts: the machine, power system and hydraulic control system. It can realize forging, stretching, flanging, forming, stamping, calibration, bending, pressing and other processes. Now it has been widely used in industry, building materials, machinery, chemical industry and other industries. Its appearance greatly reduces people's labor intensity, effectively realizes various technological achievements, and is a good helper for people.

Advantages of hydropress
       Here are the three main advantages of this machine:
       (1) The simplest and simplest way to obtain the maximum pressure sourceIn our usual forging, it usually punches through impact force, so it produces stronger vibration. The use of hydraulic machine can make us work more effectively and exert maximum pressure on the added work piece at any position during the whole working process. It can also regulate the pressure ane complete the work of maintaining the pressure of the machine. The best way is to let the machine avoid cutting. Hydraulic press ensures long-term pressure retention. We can also adjust the work of liquids according to our own needs.
      (2) Achieving greater workspaceThere is no infinite mechanical transmission in the body, and its hydraulic cylinder can be further adjusted according to the operation needs of our work. We can resettle through our own work needs. So we can simply get more workspace.
      (3) The structure is simple and the operation is convenienThe hydropress is simple in structure and easy to operate. There are also simple sketches. Especially for small and medium-sized, because of the application of hydraulic components and the progress of standards, the operation of it is simpler, which not only reduces the cost of manufacturing technology. It also makes me more convenient and concise. With the progress of science and technology, we have improved the equipment. Now some machines have realized automatic control. We can operate the machine remotely to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Hydraulic machine safety operation process
       So in the production and manufacturing process, how should we operate the hydraulic press correctly and safely?
       1. Operators must be trained to master equipment performance and operation technology in order to work independently.
       2. Equipment must be grounded firmly and reliably..
       3. Installation of machine mould must be carried out in the state of shutdown. Conflict with start button is prohibited.
       4. For different products, the working pressure and holding time of the press should be adjusted at any time according to the production process, so as to ensure the quality of products and not damage the dies and machinery.
       5. After the completion of the work, the power supply should be cut off, the hydraulic rod should be cleaned, the lubricant should be added, the mould, the work piece and the machine should be cleaned, and the articles should be placed neatly.

       In recent years, hydraulic press has developed rapidly. As a professional manufacturer of this equipment, we should not only increase the innovation and development of this equipment technology, but also constantly improve the practicability of hydraulic machine and make greater contributions to society.Therefore, if you want to choose the right hydraulic press at this time, please choose us. Of course,We also produce, link press, if you have am questions about this kind of equipment, please consult us in time.

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