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What are the advantages of crank type power press ?


Would you choose a crank type power press? The crank press is a type of mechanical press and is widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. The metal is plastically deformed and fractured by applying a strong pressure to the metal blank. Wide application and easy operation are the first choices in many workshops. This article will detail the information about crank type power presses.

This article contains the following:
       1. The composition
       2. Instructions for use,
       3. Advantages
       4. Conclusion

1, The composition
1) Bed
The bed is the skeleton of crank type power press, which bears all the punching pressure and connects all the zeros and components of the press to ensure the precision, strength and rigidity required by the whole machine. A work table is fixed on the bed for mounting the lower die of the die.
2) Working organization
It is a crank-link mechanism consisting of a crankshaft, a connecting rod and a slider. The electric motor transmits energy to the pulley through the V-belt, passes through the transmission shaft to the crankshaft via the pinion and the large gear, and changes the rotary motion of the crankshaft into the reciprocating linear motion of the slider via the connecting rod. The upper die of the die is fixed to the slider. The pulley also acts as a flywheel, so that the load is evenly distributed throughout the working cycle and the energy is fully utilized.
3) Control system
It consists of a brake, a clutch, and the like. The clutch is the mechanism used to start and stop the press. The brake is to stop the slider in the desired position when the clutch is disengaged. The clutching and closing of the clutch, that is, the opening and closing of the press, is controlled by the operating mechanism.
4) Transmission system
It cluding pulley drive, gear transmission and other mechanism
5) Energy system
Including electric motors, flywheels (with wheelsIn addition to the above basic parts, the crank press has a variety of auxiliary devices, such as lubrication systems, safety devices, counting devices and air cushions.

2. Instructions for use
Before each shift, add lubricant to the brake shaft of each manipulator. The ball head and other parts are filled with oil gun 20-30 mechanical oil before the shift every day. The clutch part is injected with oil by the oil gun every day before the shift.Clean the machine before each shift Check the fasteners to fill the missing parts. Check the clutch and spring, belt. Check the lubrication of the machine.Check the electrical circuit for damage, aging, and whether the motor or electromagnet is normal. Check the accuracy and wear of the crankshaft guide. Check brakes, clutches, sliders, closing blocks, closing rings. Check the appliance control section, Body table connection bolt detection and adiustment.According to different machine types and processing requirements of crank tvpe power press, develop targeted and practical safety operation procedures, and carry out necessary post training and safety education.The user and the operator must strictly abide by the regulations and operating procedures of the safety instructions provided by the design and manufacturing unit, and use and repair them correctly.

3. Advantages
1) Design advantagesThe crank power press provides high rigidity and resistance to deflection of the frame Compact design and small space for the workshop.
2) Simple and safe operation and maintenanceThe hydraulic overload safety system will provide safety against pressure overload, typically set at 110% of the nominal capacity. Once the overload exceeds 110%, crank type power press will stop immediately to protect the press and the mold. And save staff time, ust use a reset button to resume using the press within 3 minutes. In a conventional press, there is a shearing safety device that brakes when the machine is overloaded until you can't replace the plate and your press will remain braked. When the press is operating as a single stroke mode, it is equipped with an anti-repetition system to protect the operator. If there is anv danger. the emergency stop button on the control panel will stop the press immediately. The automatic grease pump is also standard and allows.the operator to set the lubrication frequency via the HMI based on working time or working travel time. 
The HMI console can display various alarms such as.strokes, counters, preset counters, photo security alarms, overload alarms, lubrication alarms, and morehe HMI has setup functions. I/O monitors, counters and preset counters. The press has mechanical and electronic cam controls. With an automatic feed.system or conveyor system, the cam angle can be easily set to match the press. Electric sliding adjustment with digital closing height indicator with an accuracy of0.1mm

4. Conclusion
The above is the advantage of the crank type power press, and it is precisely because of these advantages that this press is the object of choice for many workshops. By learning more about the crank type power press, you can do a better job of it, let it take full advantage of its advantages, and bring more productivity to the workshop.

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