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What are automatic feeding line used for ?


Nowadays, with the increase of labor cost, enterprises are facing more and more management and marketing costs, which requires higher and higher production efficiency. More and more manufacturers begin to use automatic feeding lines, like plate feeding machines, NC servo roller, etc. Feederas to improve production efficiency, realize that one person is responsible for more than one lathe and feeder, and ultimately reduce production labor costs. So what exactly is the automatic feeding line? What aspects does it apply to? Here's a brief introduction.

The main points are as follows:
       What is the automatic feeding line?
       Automatic feeding line system
       Automatic feeding line applicationIn 

What is the automatic feeding line?
       The automatic feeding line is a system that connects a set of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment according to the process sequence, and automatically completes the whole or part of the product delivery process through workpiece transmission system and control system.
The main performance and structure characteristics of it are as follows:
       (1) The whole process is fully automated without manual intervention.
       (2) It can be used alone or seamlessly connected with the processing line for common use.
       (3)It can reduce secondary contamination of food by manual operation and traditional manual feeding.

Automatic feeding line system
       Automatic feeder refers to the feeding mechanism that can be operated automatically according to the specified requirements and established procedures People only need to determine the 
control requirements and procedures, without direct operation. That is to say, this mechanism can automatically and accurately complete the process of transferring goods from one place to another without human intervention. Usually, there are detection devices, feeding devices, etc. It is mainly used for the transportation of various materials and semi-finished products of industrial products. It can also cooperate with the next process to realize automatic production. Therefore, the automatic feeding line relies on the feeder for related work
The automatic feeding system of the machine has the following advantages:
      (1) The end of fixture rotates automatically without disassembling manual bricks, which greatly reduces the labor cost.
      (2) In terms of safety, the palletizer has been put into operation. People are in great danger of laying bricks next to it. If they are not careful, they will be  contacted by clips, which can easily cause injury to employees. Rotary palletizing can avoid danger without manual splicing.
      (3) The damage rate of bricks caused by manual splicing is much higher than that caused by automatic rotation. The bricks with automatic rotation are neat and beautiful, which greatly improves the output of bricks.

Automatic feeding line application
       Automatic feeding line is the assembly line of a machine. It uses the force of machine movement to exert force on the material and transport the material It is a kind of power operation that drives the conveyor belt, then the objects on the conveyor belt are sent out, and then to the production position, which is an indispensable part of our current pipeline operation. Now it has been widely used in hardware, stamping, electronics, electrical appliances, science and technology, automotive accessories, metal, packaging, industry, precision, aviation, cabinet, machinery, electrical, mechanical and other industries, is one o the most popular production methods.

      In conclusion
      It can be seen that the advantage of automatic feeding line is that it can automatically detect, process or combine the two. It has high detection power and high detection ability, so as to improve the automation of related equipment and reduce labor costs. If you have any questions about the automatic feeding line, please consult us in time, and we will provide you with the most satisfactory answer

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