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What about the quality management system in WORLD?
WORLD has a complete and proven quality management system in-house to ensure the consistency, safety, and excellence in quality and performance of products. From the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of finished products, we strictly monitor and control the quality in each link of production. As the industry standards are not set in stone, we stay abreast of evolving marketplace trends and new regulatory requirements to maintain a robust quality system that is compliant with all applicable standards.

Since the establishment of Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd., we've been dedicated to producing mechanical power press. Yingxin has created a number of successful series, and bending machine is one of them. The quality control of WORLD power press machine is conducted at the preliminary production stages to guarantee that it meets inspection percentage of the feedstock in the textile industry. It is suitable for various kinds of fabrication work, such as the manufacturing of auto parts, household appliances, electronic parts, etc. The product has the expected repeatability. It can return to the same location multiple times under the same conditions. The high-quality friction discs ensure its long service life.

WORLD adhere to the concept of leading h frame press major markets. Inquire!
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