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Types of Power Press Machine Frames and Structure


There was a time when people used to cut large metal pieces in several days. Technology and machinery have made it possible to perform the days long tasks in hours and minutes. The practical example of this technology is the power press machine.

It is a machine that cuts large or small metal pieces into the required shape. It is a powerful machine that has the ability to process various types of metal sheets. You might have seen different machines if you have visited the scrap and metal industry. To resolve your confusion, we have mentioned different types of power press machines. Let's explore!

What is a Power Press Machine?

It is a machine primarily used for forming, twisting, cutting, and squeezing any metal sheet into the required shape. Its services do not end here. This multipurpose machine is utilized to shape the metal sheet into an ideal size. These pieces are used in electronic apparatuses, automobiles and industry, and many more.

The press system of the power press transforms every workpiece distinctively as per the inbuilt capacity as well as arrangements. This machine is extremely simple to deal with. You can conveniently form a different kind of hardcore in a matter of minutes.

Types of Press Machine

If you are confused about different power press machines, designs and structures, you must go through their classification. There are different kinds of machines working to provide similar results.

Classification Based on Power Source

Manually Operated Machine

It is a common type of Power press machine in which the press is applied manually. The manually operated machine is utilized when the thin metal sheet is used, which requires relatively less force and pressure. These pressures are ideal for performing small operations such as blanking, piercing, bending, etc. Its types include hand press, fly press, and ball press.

Power Press Machine

Nowadays, it is the most commonly used machine widely utilized in workshops. It is also used for the same purpose as hand-pressed but operated automatically with power. The power source is either an electric motor or an engine. Its main part, Ram, is equipped with a punch and used to work on die blocks and a bolster.

Different Frame Design and Structure

Here is the difference between different frames, such as H frame power press or C frame power press.

· Gap Frame Press

It is a gigantic frame featuring a gap between the ram and bed. This type of frame is also known as a C Frame power press. These machines are advantageous for accommodating huge metal pieces with large surface areas.

· Inclinable Frame Press

It is another common frame type, but it differs from the C Frame power press. It is called an inclinable frame due to its considerable flexibility. This Power press frame is slightly tilted back to some extent. It is also known as open back inclinable press since it is rear side is open to allow scrap to leave.

· Adjustable Bed Frame Press

This is another power press frame. As it has a knee-type bed support on the C frame power press, it is also called a knee-type press. Its main flat area can be moved up and down with the help of power screws to any desired height. As compared to other frames and structures, it has a bit of stiffness.

· Horning Press

It is a different kind of frame. It is made out of a vertical H frame power press with an overhanging top that faces the front. Its run control and drive mechanism are assembled in the above hanging part. The frame visibly has an H shaped front face which serves as a work table.

· Piller Press

This power press machine frame has a simpler structure as compared to others. It has a hydraulic press which includes four pillars at the bottom. It has a bit of a resemblance to the H frame power press. In this type, the ram is supported and guided by the pillars.

· Straight Side Press

It is another H frame power press. The two vertical robust and hard frames make up this press machine. These frames are positioned on two sides of the base and are typically designed to absorb the essential stress of ram. It is a powerful setup that has the capability of handling heavy work, but the metal sheet cannot be fed from the side due to the presence of side frames.

JH21-160 C Frame Power Press

JW36-250 Ton H Frame Power Press

C Frame Power Press MachineH Frame Power Press Machine

Where to Buy Power Press Machines?

Several manufacturers are selling press machines, but their machines are either low-quality or too expensive. If you are searching for a manufacturer who sells the best quality power press machines at affordable prices., WORLD has got you covered! This professional seller provides various products besides power press machines, including hydraulic bending machines and more.


Power press machines have become an essential part of almost all industries, including automobile, steel, and scrap. It can have a C frame power press or an H frame power press. Regardless of structure, they perform their tasks excellently to transform the metal into the required shape.

These machines have reduced the manual efforts for turning and molding metal. Now you can get the required shape in a matter of minutes with a power press machine.

WORLD is our top pick for power press machines, whether you want to get the C frame power press machine or the H frame power press.

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