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Types of Energy Loss of Hydraulic Shears and Reasons for Failure of Hydraulic Cylinders

by:WORLD     2022-08-14

In the process of using the hydraulic shearing machine, we all know that a series of problems will occur. Then, let's take a look at the two types of energy loss and the reasons for the failure of its hydraulic cylinder. Which are there? The following world press machine will introduce the types of energy loss of hydraulic shears and the reasons for the failure of hydraulic cylinders.

There are two types of energy loss:

Everyone should know that the liquid in the equipment itself has certain characteristics, which will cause some friction and other forces during the flow process, so part of the energy will be lost in this process. The loss of energy is mainly pressure loss. The pressure loss of hydraulic cylinder includes two kinds of pressure loss along the way and local pressure loss.

1. For the loss in this case, we can understand that when the liquid flows in a pipe with a fixed diameter, some energy loss will occur due to the influence of friction, and these energy losses belong to the pressure loss along the way.

2. It is a local pressure loss when it encounters a sudden change in the shape of the pipeline, or other forms of flow resistance such as a change in the flow direction, resulting in energy loss. The so-called total pressure loss of the hydraulic cylinder is obtained by the sum of these two losses.

Reasons for the failure of the hydraulic cylinder:

First of all, a common situation is the failure caused by the lack of oil supply in the hydraulic pump. This is because the internal parts of the hydraulic pump will have some wear during the working process. Under the influence of these wear and tear, the volumetric efficiency of the pump will be reduced, which will cause the load of the hydraulic cylinder to increase, so when the working pressure rises, it occurs. The internal leakage will be more serious, and the increase in leakage will cause the speed of the pump to be transported to the cylinder to decrease, which does not meet the use standard.

Secondly, the second common problem may be due to the continuous connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the load. This is because if the connection of the load is incorrect during the link, it will affect the cylinder. The speed of operation, which in turn affects the performance of the work.

Then, the third common problem may be due to certain problems in the structure of the hydraulic cylinder itself, such as when the end face of the piston and the end face of the cylinder are close together, in this case, when the equipment starts, the piston bears the force There is not enough area to push the load, so the cylinder will not run at the required speed.

A common problem that may be due to some problems with the Yilu valve. This is because if the hydraulic cylinder relief valve spool is stuck during the operation of the equipment, it will cause a lot of oil to return from the relief valve to the oil tank, which will cause the flow of the oil cylinder to decrease, so the speed decline.

The above introduction, I hope you can understand the relevant knowledge of hydraulic shearing machine.

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