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Types and characteristics of hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-09-23
Hydraulic punch hydraulic cylinders can be divided into two categories: single-acting hydraulic cylinders and double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The single-acting hydraulic cylinder uses hydraulic pressure to push the piston to move in one direction, while the reverse movement is achieved by external force. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder uses hydraulic pressure to push the piston to move in both forward and reverse directions. This form of hydraulic cylinder is the most widely used. Hydraulic punch hydraulic cylinders can be divided into three categories: piston hydraulic cylinders, plunger hydraulic cylinders, and swing hydraulic cylinders according to their structural characteristics. In addition to being used alone, hydraulic cylinders can also be used in combination or in combination with other mechanisms to complete special functions.

Troubleshooting of the sequence action circuit of the stroke switch (electrical) control of the electromagnetic reversing valve for the hydraulic press A. Limit switch: For example, due to the reliable installation of the travel switch, loose contact due to repeated collisions, poor contact caused by arc burnt contacts, and the quality of the travel switch itself, the travel switch cannot reliably and accurately send letters, resulting in inconsistent Sequential actions can identify the cause and eliminate it. B circuit failure = such as wrong wiring, weak or disconnected electromagnet wiring, and failure of other electrical components, etc., resulting in disordered or non-sequential actions.

The collision block on the piston rod of the hydraulic press cannot reliably press the travel switch due to wear or loosening, or the installation and fastening position of the collision block is incorrect, so that the travel switch cannot accurately send letters, resulting in abnormal sequence actions, which can be eliminated one by one according to the identified reasons. D. Reversing valve failure: For example, the valve core cannot be reset due to spring breakage, etc., you can refer to the previous content about solenoid valve failure and troubleshooting for troubleshooting.

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