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Troubleshooting of the Weakness of the Four-column Hydraulic Shovel

by:WORLD     2022-10-14

Troubleshooting of the Weakness of the Four-column Hydraulic Shovel

1) First check the oil suction filter element in the hydraulic oil tank, the four-column hydraulic press is not blocked now. Next, check that the suction pipe is

No suction, whether the intermediate oil circuit is blocked, and whether there is air leakage at the pipe joint, the results are normal.

2) Disassemble the displacement control valve on the variable pump and variable motor, and move the valve core back and forth gently by hand

Several times, the spool can move relatively briskly. Four-column hydraulic press card issuance. Observe that the orifice is not blocked.

3) Use a pressure gauge to detect the oil charge pressure of the charge pump, and adjust the pressure valve of the charge pump at the same time. The charge pressure is

1. 8MPa, within the normal range. And there is no change, proving that the charge pump pressure valve is not closed, ruling out

Possibility of failure due to insufficient charge pressure. 4) The four-column hydraulic press is difficult to inspect due to the many types of valves in the valve block on the variable motor, the tight arrangement and the cumbersome oil circuit.

After the whole valve block was replaced, it was found that the system work did not change, which ruled out the possibility of failure.

5) According to the failure phenomenon of the scraper being unable to shovel, combined with the elimination of the above possible fault points,

It is concluded that the internal parts of the variable motor are worn, and the leakage is serious. When the rear cover of the motor is disassembled, it is found that the internal oil distribution plate is severely worn.

Heavy. Caused internal leakage of hydraulic oil. As a result, the scraper shows weakness and driving pressure when working with heavy loads.

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6) Replace the motor oil distribution plate, and perform pressure test and adjustment on the installed motor to ensure the maximum running speed.

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