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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting methods and operating steps of the panel cutting machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-05

Today, world press machine will introduce the faults and troubleshooting methods of the cutting machine and the operation steps of the CNC cutting machine.

The faults and troubleshooting methods of the cutting machine:

1. Clearance adjustment of hydraulic shearing machine

Use the two buttons to make the shearing angle larger and smaller. Place the upper blade of the machine tool and the two ends of the lower blade to overlap 3-5mm. After adjustment, fill the machine tool with oil once, and the upper tool rest will automatically reset, and the key button is turned to Cut position and enter normal use.

2. The hydraulic shearing machine blade is turned over

Adjust the upper blade holder to zero degree with the button of decreasing the shear angle, then remove the worktable guide plate to loosen the screws that fix the lower blade, take out the lower blade in sequence, then loosen the screws that fix the upper blade, and take out the upper blade in sequence, Then turn each blade over, and install the blade first, then the blade. Check whether the interface between the blades is smooth and flat, and finally fix all the blade screws and install the guide plate.

2. How to replace the hydraulic shearing machine pipeline seal?

First put the upper tool rest of the hydraulic shearing machine to the bottom dead center, then cut off the power supply of the machine tool, loosen the connecting pipe of the oil-seeking part, and take out the damaged seal, then apply a layer of butter in the joint groove, and then put the new The seal is installed in the groove, and the nozzle is tightened. Finally, the hydraulic shearing machine is filled with oil and reset to normal use.

3. The hydraulic shearing machine does not generate working pressure?

1. Check whether the forward and reverse rotations of the shearing machine motor and oil pump are correct.

2. Clean the valve core of the safety relief valve of the shearing machine.

3. Two-position four-way solenoid valve for cleaning the hydraulic system of the shearing machine.

4. The return speed of the hydraulic shearing machine tool post is slow

1. Refill the shearing machine with oil once.

2. Check whether there are signs of oil leakage and oil leakage in each connection part of the shearing machine.

3. Check the nitrogen pressure in the shearing machine accumulator.

Operation steps of CNC panel cutting machine:

The workpiece program needs to be edited and entered before machining. It is very important that CNC shears follow the correct steps. The process and processing procedure of the braided workpiece should be analyzed first. If the program is more complicated, it cannot be programmed on the CNC machine tool shearing machine. At this time, it is usually selected to use programming or computer programming to operate. Then it is backed up to the control system of the CNC machine tool through a floppy disk or a communication interface. In this way, it can avoid taking up a lot of time and increase the auxiliary time during processing.

When starting up, the main power supply is generally turned on first, so that the CNC machine tool has the conditions for starting up. Start a key button and both the CNC system and the machine tool are powered on at the same time. The CRT of the CNC machine tool system displays information, and at the same time, check the hydraulic, pneumatic, and various Into the connection status of the clam shaft and other auxiliary equipment.

Before machining with a fixed reference point, establish the moving reference of each coordinate of the machine tool. The CNC shearing machine should first perform this step for the machine tool of the increase control system. The input call of the processing program can be input by the tape machine, programming machine or serial communication according to the medium of the program (tape, disk). If it is a simple program, it can be directly input. Use the keyboard to input on the CNC control panel, or input the remote processing step by step in the MDI mode. Before machining, the origin of the piece, tool parameters, offset, and various compensation values ​​must also be input in the Gading program.

If the program included in the program editor needs to be modified, the CNC shearing machine should set the working mode selection switch to the editing position. Use the edit key to add, delete, and change.

Checking and debugging the program first lock the machine tool and only run the system. This step is to check the program. If there is any error, it needs to be edited again.

Installation and alignment of the workpiece The next part to be processed is installed and aligned to establish a benchmark. The method adopts manual incremental movement, continuous movement or manual wheel movement of the machine tool. Set the starting point to the beginning of the program, and set the reference of the tool.

Start the coordinate axis for continuous processing Continuous processing generally uses the program addition in the memory. The feed rate in CNC machine tool processing can be adjusted by the feed rate switch. During processing, you can press the feed hold button to pause the feed movement to observe the processing situation or perform manual measurement. Press the cycle start button again to resume processing. To ensure that the bowl is correct, it should be re-checked before adding. During milling, for flat curved pieces, a pencil can be used instead of a tool to draw the outline of the workpiece on the paper, which is more intuitive. If the system has a tool path, the simulation function can be used to check the correctness of the program. , Before turning off the power, pay attention to check the status of the CNC machine tool and the position of each part of the machine tool. Turn off the machine power first, then turn off the system power, and finally turn off the main power.

The above is the relevant introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the shearing machine.

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