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Three factors affecting the speed stability of a single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-26
Three factors affecting the speed stability of a single-column hydraulic press

1. The single-column hydraulic press is in the double-rod hydraulic cylinder, because the leakage of the two chambers is not equal and the frictional resistance of the reciprocating motion is different, which will also make the speed unstable.

2. In the hydraulic system of the single-column hydraulic press, when the three-position four-way reversing valve is in the neutral position, the oil circuit leading to the hydraulic cylinder is blocked, and the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder communicate with each other and return to the oil circuit. In this way, part of the oil is poured back into the oil tank under the effect of potential energy. When the direction of the reversing valve is changed, one cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the pressure oil, and the other cavity is caused by the lack of back pressure, so that the movement of the hydraulic cylinder presents a forward rush, and the initial speed is not Stablize.

3. The design of the single-column hydraulic oil hydraulic system is not perfect, the selection of components does not match, the channel is blocked when the channel is saved, the leakage is serious inside and outside the system, excessive air enters the oil, and the friction resistance changes, etc., which will also cause the actuator to operate at low speed. The speed is unstable and even appears to be creeping. WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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