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Three common faults of four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-20
Three common faults of four-column hydraulic press

1 Oil temperature is overheated

Hydraulic oil is the working medium of the hydraulic transmission system, which is generally suitable between 35°C and 60°C. If the oil temperature is overheated, it will not only destroy the viscosity of the hydraulic oil and make the lubricating oil film thinner, resulting in a decrease in the working efficiency of the hydraulic system and serious leakage; but also increase the mechanical wear, destroy the normal matching clearance of each part, and cause the pump and valve. The mating surfaces between them are severely worn, and the frictional resistance increases and the valve core is stuck, resulting in the equipment not working properly. At the same time, overheating of oil temperature will cause oil vaporization, water evaporation, and cavitation of hydraulic components, resulting in the failure of the hydraulic system to work properly. In addition, overheating of oil temperature will also cause accelerated aging of rubber seals, greatly shortened life, and even loss of sealing performance, resulting in serious leakage of the hydraulic system.

2 Hydraulic system mixed with air

The air mixed in the hydraulic system will cause the hydraulic actuators to act unstable, produce air corrosion and dry friction on the hydraulic components, shorten the service life of the hydraulic components, the pipeline and equipment will vibrate, and symptoms such as noise and slider crawling will appear.

3 Contamination and deterioration of working oil

In the poor working site environment for a long time, impurities and dirt are easily mixed in the oil; when the polluted hydraulic oil enters the pump and valve, it will scratch and damage the mating surface. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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