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The WORLD Press Machine machinery tells you what the press is all about

by:WORLD     2023-06-01

The WORLD Press Machine machinery tells you what the press is all about

The press is driven by a motor with a high-precision ball screw, and the precise position control of the indenter is achieved by controlling the rotation angle of the motor. A highly sensitive pressure sensor is installed at the front end of the pressure head to collect real-time pressure and realize closed-loop pressure control. Through the high-speed collection of position pressure data during the press-fitting process, the online quality judgment and data information management of precision press-fitting can be realized.

The press is composed of five parts: electric cylinder, pressing software, control box, human-computer interaction module and cable module. The hardware of the press includes three parts: electric cylinder, control box and monitor.

The press adopts a modular control system to realize real-time collection and analysis of force, displacement and time data, and can monitor force and displacement, force and time; it has pressure control, displacement control, and speed control, which is suitable for strict requirements on the press-fitting process. All occasions required. The modular integrated design is convenient for integration in stand-alone press-fitting and fully automatic assembly lines.

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