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The working principle for the coil feeder.


The coil feeder is an indispensable auxiliary automatic feeding machine for the automatic operation of punching machines. There are many types of coil feeders due to their wide variety, the wide range of applicable materials and the different processing processes. This article will give a brief analysis and summary of the working principle and characteristics of the coil feeder. Basic information about the coil feeder will be highlighted in this article.
How does the coil feeder work?
The main advantages of coil feeders.
Frequently asked questions about using the coil feeder.

How does the coil feeder work?

The uncoiling machine is driven by the output shaft of the punch, which pulls the rocker arm of the roller, which drives the drive shaft. A one-way device converts the power of the reciprocating drive shaft into a one-way feeding movement of the feeding rollers, while the roller feeder is equipped with a brake device to prevent the feeding rollers from backing up. decoiler works with very low vibration and noise, and is particularly suitable for long bars and precision workpieces.

The feeder mainly consists of a dividing device, conveying wheels, drive rods, supports, control circuits and other parts. It is worth noting that there are some subtle differences in the working principle of the different types of feeders, but the overall principle is much the same.

The main advantages of coil feeders

-Compact design
The coil feeder is simple and economical in construction. This design ensures that it has a low failure rate and is easy to maintain. In general, the coil.feeder has a service life of at least 5 to 10 years.

High working efficiency
The coil feeder has an easy-to-use operating panel with keypad numeric codes for feed length and feed speed, which can be set at the operator's discretion for quick and easy operation.
These are the main advantages of the coil feeder. In summary, the coil feeder is suitable for feeding materials of varying thicknesses and lengths. coil feeder feeding lines are flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of materials.

Frequently asked questions about using the coil feeder.
After a period of use, the coil feeder may develop the following problems if it has not been maintained in a timely manner. Firstly, the feeder vibrates a lot when working. This can occur if the raw material is too curved, if the raw material is not chamfered. or if the centre is misaligned. In addition, if the coi feeder does not start. This is because the power supply is not connected to the countermeasure and we need to check carefully that the power supply is connected.

This is all there i to now about the coil feeder. With the above information, vou say that you have a better understanding of our coil feeder. For any product, our company has strict quality control. With over 65 years of professional experience and strong production capacity, we believe that the world brand of meta forming machines like the press machine and cutting machine will provide better service to the international stamping industry. If you need more information about our coil feeders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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