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The working characteristics of the hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic shearing machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-14

What kind of equipment is a hydraulic shearing machine? How does it work? Do you all know it? It doesn't matter if you don't. Today, the world press machine will give you a detailed introduction. First of all, let me tell you about its working characteristics, I hope it can help everyone.

The operating characteristics of the hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic shearing machine are that the system pressure increases and the flow decreases when the plate is sheared; when the idle stroke is fast, the pressure is low, and the flow increases. When cutting, the pressing foot first presses the sheet, and then cuts.

⑴ Empty work.

Start the oil pump, 1DT, 2DT, 3DT are not powered. At this moment, the C cavity of the pressure control valve 4 communicates with the oil tank, the cone surface of the A cavity is open, the oil flowing from the oil pump flows back to the oil tank through the B port, and the oil pump does no-load empty operation.

⑵ cut.

When 1DT is energized, the spool of solenoid valve 2 is switched to the right working position. At this moment, the pressure control valve 4 is closed, and the main oil flows to the control valves 6 and 7, respectively, and enters the pressing foot 13 and the sequence valve (composed of parts 8 and 9). The preset pressure of the sequence valve is 7MPa, and the opening time of the directional control valve lags behind. Due to the existence of the sequence valve, when the 1DT is energized, the presser foot must first press down the steel plate before the upper tool rest goes down. When the pressure rises above 7MPa, the sequence valve is opened, and the upper tool rest starts to cut the plate downward.

(3) Return journey.

When the shearing is completed, 1DT is powered off, 2DT and 3DT are powered on, the oil cylinder 17 and the pressing foot 16 are unloaded, and they return under the effect of compressing nitrogen gas and tension spring respectively. When reaching the top dead center, under the effect of the travel switch 23, it stops at the predetermined orientation.

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