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The work before the precision adjustment of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-02

Before adjusting the hydraulic press, loosen the four locking nuts on the upper beam slightly. With a dial indicator, you can first check the parallelism of the lower plane of the movable beam and the upper plane of the workbench before and after (left and right). Right) Two adjustment nuts, measure and adjust again until they meet the requirements. After the parallelism of the front and rear (left and right) meets the requirements, use the above method to measure the parallelism of the left and right (front and rear) of the hydraulic press. After the center orientation meets the requirements, it is also necessary to check whether the parallelism of the movable beam at the upper and lower limits meets the requirements. When it is found that the parallelism error of the upper and lower azimuths of the hydraulic press exceeds the requirements, and the direction of the measurement data is opposite, it should be considered to check the installation situation and check whether the accuracy of the parts such as the movable beam meets the requirements.

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