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The technical application of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-03
The technical application of hydraulic press docking can be introduced from many aspects, the concept of hydraulic press motion energy consumption and energy-saving scheme, and the first two energy recovery technical schemes of gas-liquid cylinder and secondary adjustment technology are proposed, which is a new breakthrough in hydraulic press energy-saving technology.

Hydraulic transmission and control technology provides a convenient, small, high power density and controllable energy transmission and control method for machine tools, construction machinery, aerospace and other fields. However, the defects of high energy consumption and low efficiency of large hydraulic presses cannot be ignored.

Hydraulic press is an important field of hydraulic technology application. The hydraulic system of hydraulic press has the characteristics of large installed power, high working pressure, large flow rate and high frequency. Due to the low overall efficiency of the hydraulic system, the power consumption of large hydraulic presses is large, and the effective utilization of motor power. Sometimes less than 60%. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the energy-saving technology of hydraulic system of hydraulic press for saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting the environment.

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