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The Stamping Process


(1) Raw materials for stamping parts.

In the actual production, due to the external pressure parts of the raw material thickness tolerance, material performance fluctuations, poor surface quality (such as rust) or unclean (such as oil), will cause the mold working parts wear aggravate, easy to collapse edge and other adverse consequences.Therefore, attention should be paid to :0 as far as possible to use good stamping process of raw materials, in order to reduce the stamping deformation;2. Before stamping, the brand, thickness and surface quality of raw materials shall be strictly checked, and the raw materials shall be wiped clean, and the surface oxide and rust shall be removed if necessary;(3) According to the stamping process and the type of raw materials, when necessary can arrange the softening treatment and surface treatment, and choose the appropriate lubricant and lubrication process.

(2) Layout and lap.

Unreasonable reciprocating feeding and layout method and too small lap value will often cause sharp mold wear or convex or concave die gnawing.Therefore, in order to improve the service life of the die, the layout method and edge value must be selected reasonably according to the batch processing, quality requirements and die clearance.

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