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The specific process program when the bending machine is processed

by:WORLD     2022-08-24

The bending machine has certain operating procedures during processing, and everyone must strictly follow the operating procedures when operating. If you do not follow the operating procedures, it will affect the use effect of the bending machine. What are the specific operating procedures of the bending machine? Next, the world press machine will give you a brief introduction.

In the past ten years, due to the popularization of electronic technology and computer application technology, the automatic control technology of plate bending has developed rapidly, and a large number of high-precision flexible plate bending systems have emerged. Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Huangshi Forging Machine Tool Factory The cooperative efforts of our company have successfully developed a flexible processing unit for sheet metal bending in my country. All components of the unit are made of domestically produced parts, which has far-reaching significance for the development of our own machine tool automatic pressing technology.

This article will focus on the center of the flexible processing unit for sheet metal bending that we have developed, and talk about the development of automatic bending control technology and its related problems, the object and system composition of automatic control, and the characteristics of CNC numerical control bending machine. The appearance has completely changed the basic structure of the bCNC CNC bending machine, the previous processing method for a multi-bending part. When bending a multi-bending part on a CNC bending machine, firstly, the control system automatically adjusts the limit oyster, that is, the stroke of the slider and the material stopper, according to the process teaching stored in the front.

Then clear the block Bian# and perform the bending ini work. After the initial process of folding, the control system re-adjusts the limiter and the back gauge mechanism. The bending process of the second, third, wash and the latter process is carried out in sequence. After finishing all the processes, the machine tool will process the next workpiece. The finished zero ft can be sent directly to the painting or assembly process for post-processing.

In addition to the two most basic control axes mentioned above, today's advanced CNC bending machines also have the following action control axes. Generally, there are two stoppers for the back gauge of the press brake. In order to process sheets of different lengths Or the stopper is in the corresponding position in different length directions of the same sheet, and it is necessary to automatically adjust the stopper to move to the center or both sides according to the length of the sheet during the bending process.

According to the process characteristics of the processing object, such as turning over, non-right angle, etc. The lettuce that needs to be blocked can be automatically adjusted. When bending, the front and rear of the workpiece should be turned up. It will produce unexpected deformation under the action of its own weight and inertia. Therefore, the pliers should be equipped with a material support, including the front and rear sides, which can automatically rise or fall with the processing of the dome.

According to different plate thicknesses and processing techniques, the concave stroke can automatically move back and forth on the worktable to select different concave molds to open CJ and other u. Under the action of the bending force, the worktable and the slider will be deformed, causing the bending angle error at different points and affecting the straightness of the workpiece. For this reason, the center of the concave must be dynamically adjusted according to the bending force. The pre-deformation value of .

In order to make the box-shaped rose and tar-shaped workpieces look clean?: When tick is added to the right, the corresponding a-die length can be automatically selected according to the length of the workpiece. On the basis of CNC numerical control folding machine, it is equipped with a set of feeding.

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