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The specific characteristics of single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-06
The specific characteristics of single-column hydraulic press

1. It has the characteristics of good structural rigidity, good guiding performance and fast speed.

2. The solid open structure welded as a whole can keep the fuselage rigid enough and have a convenient operating space.

3. The convenient manual adjustment mechanism can adjust the indenter or the upper worktable to press at any position in the stroke, and can also adjust the length of the fast forward and the construction process arbitrarily within the design stroke;

4. The overall casting of the fuselage has the advantages of strong deformation resistance, high working accuracy and long service life, which is suitable for products with higher requirements.

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors commonly used in hydraulic systems are volumetric, and their working principle is to use the change of the sealing volume to absorb and press oil. In terms of working principle, most hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are reciprocal, that is, when the pressure oil is input, the hydraulic pump becomes a hydraulic motor, and the speed and torque can be output, but structurally, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are still Some differences.

The single-column hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts the centralized control of buttons, which can realize the adjustment, manual and semi-automatic three working modes. The process needs to be adjusted, and the ejection process can be completed. There are three process modes: the ejection process and the stretching process. Each process has two types of process actions: constant pressure and fixed stroke. After pressing, the constant pressure molding process has Ejection delay and automatic return. The single-column hydraulic press has a wide range of versatility and is suitable for the processing and forming of various plastic materials, such as extrusion, bending, hemming, stretching, etc. This article comes from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please reprint Note the source!

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