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The role of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-04
Shanghai hydraulic press manufacturers specialize in the production of hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses, single-column hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, slide hydraulic presses, turntable hydraulic presses, small hydraulic presses, 10-ton hydraulic presses, 20-ton hydraulic presses, 30-ton hydraulic presses, 80-ton hydraulic presses, 100-ton hydraulic presses and other hydraulic machinery equipment! Today, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will briefly talk about the role of hydraulic presses with you.

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as the working medium to transfer energy to realize various processes. In addition to forging and forming, hydraulic presses can also be used for straightening, pressing, packing, pressing blocks and pressing plates. Hydraulic presses include hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. The water-based liquid as the working medium is called a hydraulic press, and the oil as the working medium is called a hydraulic press. The specifications of hydraulic presses are generally expressed in terms of nominal working force (kN) or nominal tonnage (tons). Forging hydraulic presses are mostly hydraulic presses with high tonnage. In order to reduce the size of the equipment, large forging hydraulic presses often use higher pressures (about 35 MPa), and sometimes ultra-high pressures above 100 MPa are also used. Hydraulic presses for other purposes generally use a working pressure of 6 to 25 MPa. The tonnage of the hydraulic press is lower than that of the hydraulic press.

The basic working principle of hydraulic press:

The basic principle is that the oil pump transports the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and distributes the hydraulic oil to the upper cavity or lower cavity of the oil cylinder through each one-way valve and relief valve, and makes the oil cylinder move under the action of high pressure oil. It is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. Liquids obey Pascal's law when they transmit pressure in a closed container. The hydraulic transmission system of the four-column hydraulic press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an executive mechanism, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium. The power mechanism usually uses an oil pump as the power mechanism, generally an accumulating oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of the movement speed of the actuator, choose one oil pump or multiple oil pumps. Gear pump for low pressure (oil pressure less than 2.5MP); vane pump for medium pressure (oil pressure less than 6.3MP); plunger pump for high pressure (oil pressure less than 32.0MP). Pressure processing and forming of various plastic materials, such as extrusion, bending, deep drawing of stainless steel plates and cold forming of metal parts, and can also be used for pressing of powder products, grinding wheels, bakelite, and resin thermosetting products.

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