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The reason for the slow action of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-24
The reason for the slow action of the four-column hydraulic press

1. There is air in the hydraulic cylinder. Elimination method Carry out the exhaust operation through the exhaust device, and check whether there is air inhaled at the sealing ring of the reciprocating motion of the piston rod. If there is, the sealing ring may be faulty, and the sealing ring should be replaced.

2. Check whether the hydraulic pump is operating normally. If there are irregularities in the operation of the hydraulic pump, the rotation of the pump is blocked or slightly seized, it indicates that the problem lies in the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic pump should be repaired or replaced.

3. Check the working condition of the piston. When the hydraulic cylinder with buffer device of the four-column hydraulic press is started in the reverse direction, the phenomenon of temporary stop or reverse movement of the piston often occurs. This is because the orifice of the one-way valve is too small, so that the amount of oil entering the buffer chamber is too small, and even a vacuum occurs. This failure should enlarge the orifice of the one-way valve.


4. When the movement speed of the piston is high, the steel ball of the one-way valve follows the flow, which blocks the valve hole and causes the hydraulic cylinder to act irregularly. Remedy: replace the steel ball with a poppet valve spool with a pilot valve.

5. The hydraulic cylinder is inflexible. The inner layer of the rubber hose is peeled off, causing the oil circuit to be on and off, resulting in irregular movements of the hydraulic cylinder. Remedy: Replace the rubber hose.

6. The hydraulic cylinder bears a certain lateral load, which is also a reason for the slow action of the four-column hydraulic press. Elimination method: the same as the exclusion method of the hydraulic cylinder not moving. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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