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The reason for the pressure drop of the single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-12
What are the reasons for the pressure reduction of the single-column hydraulic press? Today, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will give you an analysis:

1. The spring of the pressure regulating valve of the single-column hydraulic press becomes loose. If there is no change after pressurization, the valve core may not be able to lift the pressure due to long-term wear and leakage.

2. The hydraulic pump of the single-column hydraulic press has been worn and leaked for a long time.

3. The oil temperature is too high in hot weather, and the hydraulic oil is too thin to lift high pressure.

4. The wear or aging of the sealing ring on the piston head in the oil cylinder causes oil to flow and cannot lift the pressure.

5. The solenoid valve has been used for too long, the valve core is worn, and the leakage is large, resulting in insufficient pressure.

6. The pressure-retaining check valve (if there is one in your oil circuit) leaks.

7. Leakage of oil pressure pipelines, oil cylinder welding points, piston rod seals, etc.

8. The oil level of the single-column hydraulic oil tank is insufficient, and the oil filter is emptied.

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