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The price of press brakes is constantly changing and the reasons for the excessive noise in operation

by:WORLD     2022-08-19

Do you know what is the reason for the constant changes in the price of hydraulic press brakes? And what is the reason for the excessive noise of hydraulic CNC press brakes? Small face. The world press machine will give you a brief introduction.

Reasons for the changing price of hydraulic press brakes:

The reason why the price of hydraulic press brakes is constantly fluctuating. The price of domestic press brakes has been fluctuating and unstable since January this year. As the period of rapid export growth has passed, exports are still expected to achieve double-digit growth, optimizing the export industry. The structure is becoming more and more urgent. Under the background of the national macroeconomic policy to ensure stable and rapid economic growth, the economic operation of the machinery industry next year may show a trend of low before and high.

The power supply of bending machines has been greatly eased recently, and due to the ultra-high-speed growth of hydraulic bending machine production in recent years, power companies still have a large number of units to be installed. After several years of high-speed growth, the impact of the financial crisis on the machinery industry has a lag and is expected to be more fully manifested next year, so it must not be taken lightly.

Today, hydraulic bending machines have replaced mechanical bending machines, because of their large stroke, adjustable bending pressure, stroke and speed, simple and easy numerical control and many other advantages, advanced sheet metal bending machines only need simple molds. Various materials can be bent at various angles to achieve the required parts. The molds are also very versatile and cost-effective, and have been widely used in related manufacturing industries such as automobiles, aviation, and ships.

Bending machine is a widely used bending machine. Now it has completely realized hydraulic pressure. It has realized numerical control in the 1980s, and the supporting bending machine mold has also developed rapidly, and it is becoming more and more serious at present. Under the economic environment of China, the growth rate will inevitably drop significantly. According to the survey of some key contact enterprises, the cumulative order volume from January to September increased by 27% year-on-year. Although the month-on-month has declined, maintaining production this year is not a big problem.

Therefore, it is expected that the automotive industry will bid farewell to the high-speed growth that has lasted for many years and return to a steady growth in the future. Bending machines are widely used in aviation, automobiles, agricultural machinery, motors, home appliances, hardware and other industries. At present, enterprises are holding orders. It is still relatively full, so it is expected that new orders for thermal power equipment will drop sharply in the next period of time, and the signed contracts are likely to be delayed in execution or unable to collect payment in time.

Reasons for the excessive noise of hydraulic CNC bending machine:

1. The noise of the oil pump is too large, the oil pump is damaged, blocked, the oil is dirty, and the oil pump is emptied. We also check that the pump speed is not too high. We must select the motor speed according to the rotation speed specified by the pump.

2. Check whether the viscosity of the oil is too high. If so, be sure to replace the oil with the specified viscosity immediately.

3. Check whether the operating pressure has exceeded the rated pressure of the vane pump. If the pressure is higher than this, there will be a phenomenon of relatively loud noise.

4. Check whether the stator is pressed and positioned. If the stator moves up and down, it will cause the output flow to pulsate and cause noise. Therefore, we should press the adjusting screw.

The above is the introduction of the world press machine, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the hydraulic press brake.

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