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The performance of the shearing machine and the problems that need attention in the operation

by:WORLD     2022-08-21

The shearing machine is a kind of equipment with good performance. It does not make a lot of noise when it is running, and it can cut thin plates well, so it is widely used in industrial fields. When using the shearing machine, there are some problems that need people's attention to avoid problems during use.

The superior performance of the heavy-duty shearing machine is reflected in the use of a clutch structure in the form of a resistance key and an open gear transmission, and it is operated by more advanced electrical appliances, with low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. It adopts all-steel welded structure, with simple structure, easy operation, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, automobile maintenance, hardware manufacturing and other sheet metal processing industries.

In addition, the heavy-duty shearing machine has a small fulcrum force through lever action, which can improve the life of the shearing edge and the machine.

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and function of the shearing machine blade, and must operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. If there are many people operating, there should be a representative command.

2. Add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the lubricating chart at regular time, fixed point and quantitative amount before each startup. The lubricating oil should be clean and free of precipitation.

3. Regularly check whether the V-belt, handle, knob, and button of the shearing machine blade are damaged. If the shearing machine blade is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time, and spare parts should be reported.

4. Regularly check and repair switches, insurances and handles to ensure their reliable operation.

5. The blade of the shearing machine must be kept clean frequently, and the unpainted part is rust-proof grease.

6. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly, and the electrical parts should be checked regularly to see if they are normal, safe and reliable.

7. Select the shearing gap reasonably according to the thickness of the plate.

8. The plate should not be stained with impurities and hard objects.

9. Avoid cutting and welding old boards.

10. It is forbidden to use the shearing machine blade with overload. When feeding the material, it is forbidden to push it on the platen by hand. When cutting the material short, it should be pressed with an iron plate.

11. Avoid over-limit shearing of thick plates. Regularly adjust the upper and lower blade clearance.

12. 10 minutes before leaving get off work every day, lubricate the machine tool and scrub and clean the machine tool.

13. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. Usually, people must leave the machine and stop.

14. Select the shearing gap reasonably according to the thickness of the plate.

NOTE: Sound balance during operation. If the shearing machine is noisy, it should be stopped for inspection. The maximum temperature of the fuel tank when the shearing machine is operating<60 degrees, when it exceeds, it should be turned off and rested.

Don't ignore the maintenance of the blade. The blade of the shearing machine is a very important part of the stainless steel shearing machine. Therefore, the blade can only have a long life with good maintenance and save production costs. Users are more comfortable to use. I hope this sharing can help you to know more about the shearing machine.

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