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The performance of abnormal flow of four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-16
The performance of abnormal flow of four-column hydraulic press

In the four-column hydraulic press, no flow enters the actuator, insufficient flow to the actuator, or unstable output flow of the oil pump, and excessive flow into the actuator, all of which are abnormal flow rates in the hydraulic system. Today, WORLD Press Machine Machinery Shanghai WORLD Press Machine describes the specific performance in detail.

1. The hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve or pipeline of the four-column hydraulic press leaks, which increases the fuel consumption and causes the phenomenon that the pressure cannot rise, resulting in insufficient output force of the working mechanism of the hydraulic press, and even no pressure can be formed in severe cases;

2. The filter of the hydraulic press is blocked, causing the hydraulic pump to supply insufficient oil and the hydraulic system to lack oil, resulting in the working mechanism of the four-column hydraulic press moving slowly or not moving, resulting in the failure of the actuator movement or even out of control;

3. When the flow fluctuates frequently, it will aggravate the vibration and noise of the hydraulic press system, reduce the filtering performance of the filter, and the oil pollution will not be effectively controlled, which will threaten the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic press. When the flow pulsation is large, it will cause hydraulic shock, which is The main reasons for hydraulic equipment damage;

4. The leakage of some components in the hydraulic system is too large, and the hydraulic pressure is converted into heat energy. Once the heat dissipation is poor, the hydraulic oil will heat up, and the viscosity will drop to further increase the leakage. At the same time, the rubber seals or hoses of the four-column hydraulic press will age and lose their function. . WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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