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The performance characteristics and application range of shearing machine products

by:WORLD     2022-08-22

Although the shearing machine is widely used, it does not mean that the shearing machine can be applied to all fields. Because, before using the shearing machine, in addition to paying attention to the product characteristics of the shearing machine, you also need to understand the scope of the shearing machine suitable for use. Only in this way can the operation of the shearing machine be safe.

What are the characteristics of the use of the shearing machine? If you want to understand and familiarize with the characteristics of the shearing machine, then we can start from several major aspects, and what are the aspects? Let's take a look together. Main functions and features of Q11 lower transmission mechanical shearing machine: This series of shearing machine is a main shaft eccentric wheel frame structure, electrical control, through the key combination and separation, to achieve the purpose of shearing, the size below 10mm is double support, The V-belt and gear are two-stage deceleration, 10mm-20mm specification is three-support, one-stage open, one-stage closed gear transmission, with reliable pressing material positioning function and good rigidity.

The Q11 lower transmission mechanical shearing machine adopts the national standard production, and the product performance is stable. The lower transmission mechanical shearing machine has simple structure, simple operation, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption. This machine tool is widely used in metal structure factories, shipyards, boiler factories, and general mining, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware, etc., cutting steel or finishing sheet burrs, cutting precision High, safe and reliable. Q11 Precautions for the operation of the lower transmission mechanical shearing machine to ensure that under normal conditions, the small mechanical shearing machine is started for several cycles of idling.

Trial cut sheets of different thicknesses, from thin to thick. During trial shearing, different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses. If not, the corresponding blade gaps must be adjusted. Make sure the user is familiar with the performance of the shearing machine, otherwise it will affect the durability of the blade. Observe the pressure value of the oil circuit, and turn on the pressure gauge switch during the shearing process of the lower transmission mechanical shearing machine. When cutting a 12mm plate, the pressure should be less than 20MPa. The pressure setting of the remote pressure regulating valve No9 is 2022MPa when it leaves the factory. The user must abide by this regulation. When the machine is damaged, it should be stopped for inspection.

The sound is balanced during operation. If there is any noise in the small fine shearing machine, it should be stopped for inspection. When the lower transmission mechanical shearing machine is operating, the fuel tank increases the temperature. The statistics of the shearing machine industry association show that the energy and raw material costs for the production of mechanical and electrical products account for about 70% of the product cost. According to data analysis, mechanical and electrical products that consume more energy account for about 70% of the national energy consumption, and there is a huge potential for energy saving, water saving and material saving. At the same time, more than 90% of the machinery industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, and its products are used in various fields such as production, construction, circulation and consumption, and play an important role in resource conservation.

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