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The performance advantage of circuit board-pressing machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-31
The performance advantage of circuit board-pressing machine

The press machine is a pure control precision press machine specially developed for the market. It is an intelligent press machine developed by a professional R&D engineering team with many years of customer experience on site to meet the requirements of Industrial Automation 4.0.

The main performance advantages of this device are:

1. The high-precision characteristics of full closed-loop control of precise pressure and displacement are unmatched by other types of presses.

2. Compared with traditional pneumatic and hydraulic presses, the energy saving effect is more than 80%, and it is more environmentally friendly and safe, and can meet the requirements of equipment use in dust-free workshops.

3. The whole process curve of pressing force and displacement can be displayed on the LCD touch screen, and the whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage during the operation, and implement 100% removal of defective products, thereby realizing online quality management.

4. The pressing force, pressing depth, pressing depth, holding time, etc. can all be numerically input on the operation panel, with friendly interface and simple operation.

5. 100 sets of press-fitting programs can be customized, stored and called, and three press-fitting modes are available to meet your different process needs.

6. Through the USB interface, the pressing data can be stored in the flash disk to ensure the traceability of the product processing data and facilitate the production quality control management.

7. Since the machine itself has precise pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to add a hard limit to the tooling. When processing products of different specifications, it is only necessary to call different press-fitting programs, so one machine can be easily multi-purpose and flexible assembly line.

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