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The parameter introduction of the shearing machine and the maintenance process of the shearing machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-20

Shearing machines are generally used in machinery, machine tools, forging machine tools, and metal cutting. Because of their high-quality characteristics, they have been used in many fields. Not only the service cycle is long, but also its work efficiency is relatively long. Introduction to the parameters of the trigger and its maintenance process'.

The parameters of the shearing machine

1. The thickness of the shearing plate is 6mm

2. The width of the shearing board is 4000mm

3. The strength of the sheared sheet is 450n/mm2

4. Shearing angle 1°30′

5. Stroke times 14min-1

6. Blade length 4056mm

7. The height of the work table from the ground is 800mm

8. Main motor 7.5kw

9. Backgauge motor power 0.55kw

10. Axial piston pump 25mcy14-1b

11. Dimensions (l×w×h) 4606×1850×1650mm

Repair steps:

1. Ask the equipment operator to understand the operation status of the hydraulic system equipment. Including: whether the hydraulic system works normally; whether the hydraulic pump is abnormal; the time and result of the hydraulic oil detection cleanliness.

Filter cleaning and replacement; whether the hydraulic components were adjusted before the failure; whether the sealing components were replaced; what abnormal phenomena occurred in the hydraulic system of the shearing machine before and after the failure; , need to be understood one by one.

2. Look at the actual working conditions of the system, and observe whether there are any problems with the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc.

3. Listen to the sound of its system, such as: impact sound; pump noise and abnormal sound; judge whether the hydraulic system is working normally.

4. Touch the temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the tightness of the joint to determine whether the working state of the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine is normal

The above introduction, I hope to help you understand the 'parameter introduction of the shearing machine and its maintenance process'.

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