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The operation specification of the shearing machine and the introduction of the maintenance method

by:WORLD     2022-08-20

The so-called shearing machine, as the name suggests, is a kind of equipment used to cut plates. In daily life, many metal materials that we use are processed from it. In order to ensure its normal operation, we need to maintain it frequently in our daily life. Let's learn more about 'the operation specification of the shearing machine and the introduction of its maintenance method'.

Maintenance method:

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Add lubricating oil regularly, fixed-point and quantitatively according to the requirements of the lubrication chart before each startup. The oil should be clean and free of precipitation.

3. The machine tool must be kept clean frequently, and the unpainted part must be kept clean with anti-rust grease.

4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly, and the electrical parts should be checked regularly to see if they are normal, safe and reliable.

5. Regularly check whether the V-belts, handles, knobs and buttons are damaged. If they are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time and reported for spare parts.

6. Regularly check and repair switches, insurances and handles to ensure their reliable operation.

7. 10 minutes before leaving get off work every day, lubricate the machine tool and scrub and clean the machine tool.

8. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. Usually, people must leave the machine and stop.

Operating specifications of the shearing machine:

1. There must be a special person responsible for management.

2. Dress code, wear tight protective clothing before operation, fasten the cuffs, do not open the hem of the top, and do not wear, take off or change clothes next to the running machine tool, or wrap it around the body to prevent the machine from being strangled. A safety helmet must be worn, the braids should be placed in the cap, and skirts and slippers are not allowed.

3. The operator of this machine tool must be familiar with the main structure, performance and usage of the shearing machine.

4. This machine tool is suitable for shearing all kinds of steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and non-metallic material plates whose thickness is the rated value of the machine tool, and must be materials without hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusion, and welding seams, and excessive thickness is not allowed. .

5. Multi-person collaborative operations must be assigned a special person to command. It is strictly forbidden to cut two pieces of material on the same shearing machine at the same time.

6. If the machine is found to be running abnormally during use, it should immediately cut off the power and stop it for inspection.

7. When adjusting the machine tool, the power supply must be cut off. When moving the workpiece, pay attention to the safety of hands.

8. All parts of the machine tool should always be lubricated. The operator should add lubricating oil once in each shift, and the mechanic should add lubricating oil to the rolling bearing parts once every six months.

9. During operation, the movements of hands and feet should be coordinated, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, and it is strictly forbidden to put your hands into the pressure plate and the knife edge.

10. On-site cleaning work, it is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the workplace, and keep the machine tool and the site clean at all times.

The above introduction, I hope to help you understand the 'shearing machine'.

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