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The operation requirements of the bending machine and the work that needs to be done before starting the machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-18

There are certain requirements for the operation of the bending machine, and only the operation according to the requirements can meet the standard. In addition, the bending machine needs to be prepared before starting up, and only the preparation work can ensure the performance of the bending machine. So, what preparations do the bending machines need to do before starting up?

The requirements of CNC shears and bending machines include many, such as operation requirements, safety operation requirements, etc., the safety operation requirements of CNC shears and bending machines have been cited later, because now only it The operating rules of the system have not been introduced yet, so the above will be carried out, and the details are as follows. CNC gate shearing machine, bending machine operation regulations, including the following forms.

Operators should pass training and work with a license. The operator should have a one-sided and simple understanding of the tool's structural function, operation, and maintenance, and not be able to operate it consciously. It is necessary to formulate the operation and maintenance policies of various ethnic groups in the facility, and no longer complete standardized use, no private operation, let alone allow the relevant personnel to operate the tools. When operating the CNC shearing machine, the operator should wear protective necessities and take appropriate protective measures to avoid risks.

Before starting the tool, it should be confirmed whether the oil volume of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil is in short supply, whether the liquid level is in a deformed position, whether the smooth position can be smoothed according to the rules; There are obstructions, if any, that should be cleared, and whether the tool can be securely grounded.

Before the operation of the CNC gate shearing machine, it should be operated in a conservative manner, and it is not necessary to check whether the equipment is deformed. During operation, there is no overload application, no simultaneous shearing of two materials that do not have the same specifications, and no stacking and shearing, so as not to protect the facility. When the shearing board is feeding, there is no way to push the handle on the pressing board to operate.

When the workpiece is cut, it should be put aside for bumps, but it should not be stacked high enough to prevent the workpiece from slipping and hurting people, and it should not be stacked on the aisle to reflect the smoothness of the aisle. The leftovers and wastes that occur during cutting should be cleaned up in a timely manner, and placed in a designated position, and those that cannot be resolved privately or may be discarded.

The blade edge of the CNC gate shearing machine should be kept sharp to ensure the cutting effect, and the cutting edge should be dulled or protected, and should be repaired or replaced in time. After the tool operation is completed, cut off the flow source and the source, in case there is no test start, carry out the cleaning and cleaning of the working table and working place, and do a good job of daily maintenance and smoothing.

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