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The operation process of the bending machine and the method of identifying the manufacturer of the bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-25

Does everyone know what the specific process of the bending machine operation is? And how to identify the authenticity of the bending machine manufacturer? Let the bending machine manufacturer tell you.

The bending machine manufacturer tells you the operation process:

In addition, the upper and lower molds of the Yawei bending machine need to maintain a certain distance, and the distance between the molds should not be too close. If the distance between the molds is unreasonable, it will affect the processing quality of the components and easily cause the molds to be damaged. Staff need to be careful during setup and commissioning.

Usually when using the bending machine, it is necessary to turn on the power first, and then start the oil pump. After completing these operations, the staff must set and adjust the stroke. In order to ensure the working state of the equipment, before the bending operation, it should be Debugging, which can avoid the progress of the entire workflow due to small faults in the process of production and processing.

During the processing by the Yawei bending machine, the staff should also pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance. Before the maintenance of the machine tool, the power supply should be turned off, and no live operation is allowed. specification to implement.

How to identify bending machine manufacturers:

The primary condition for choosing a manufacturer is to see if it is professional. What is professional, that is to say, the main product of this company is the lower die of the bending machine. Such production enterprises generally have professional R&D teams and production teams. They will pay close attention to the domestic and international development of the industry, learn advanced production technologies in the industry, and use such advanced technologies in the production process of products. Such manufacturers have guaranteed product quality, advanced production technology, and have a comparative advantage in the market.

In fact, it is necessary to choose a powerful manufacturer of the lower die of the bending machine. How do enterprise users identify powerful manufacturers? One is to look at the scale of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the larger the manufacturer, the larger the investment, which can reflect the manufacturer's economic strength. If it is produced by a small family workshop, its production technology will be relatively backward, and the quality of the products produced will inevitably not be guaranteed.

Secondly, it depends on the production qualification of the manufacturer. Check whether the production enterprise has a business license issued by the industrial and commercial department, and whether the production content includes the products it produces.

The third is to choose a reputable lower die manufacturer of the bending machine. The manufacturer's publicity can be referred to, but more importantly, it is necessary to listen to its reputation in the industry.

Word of mouth is the conclusion that enterprise users come to after using the product. It contains the meaning of experience in use. It marks that it has been recognized by the majority of customers in the industry and has reference value. A company with a good reputation, the quality of its products is guaranteed. On the contrary, companies with poor reputation should try not to choose them.

The above is the introduction of the bending machine manufacturer, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the bending machine.

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