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The main structure and characteristics of the hydraulic shearing machine and its design concept

by:WORLD     2022-08-15

The hydraulic shearing machine adopts a new generation of modular design, with wider functional coverage and stronger reliability, and can meet the needs of different users. The following world press machine will introduce the main structure and characteristics of the hydraulic shearing machine and its design concept. .

The main structure and characteristics of the hydraulic shearing machine:

1. The frame is made of steel structural parts, the left and right vertical plates, the worktable and the pressure plate are welded into an integral structure. It is dedicated to the welding of sheet metal processing machinery to eliminate its internal stress after tempering, so the overall rigidity is good. High stability.

2. The tool rest is made of steel structure. Under the thrust of the oil cylinders on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin shaft to complete the shearing action without the need for a guide rail system. At the end of cutting, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool holder quickly and automatically returns. With a quick adjustment blade clearance mechanism, the scale value is displayed on the dial.

3. The back gauge is installed on the tool holder and moves with the tool holder in a pendulum motion. The adjustment of the stopper distance is driven by a motor, and is transmitted to the left and right screw rods through a transmission, a shaft and a pair of sprocket pairs, respectively, to drive the stopper frame to move forward and backward along the guide rod. Two button operations, respectively forward and rear coarse adjustment buttons, when pressing one of the buttons, the rear gauge moves quickly forward and backward. There is an adjustment handwheel on the button box to fine-tune the positioning of the stroke, and there is a mechanical digital display on the button box to display the distance of the back gauge.

4. The fuel tank is fixed on the frame beam, which is convenient for cleaning and disassembly. The system pressure is supplied by the oil pump, and under the control of the electro-hydraulic system, each valve can realize the sequence action of the presser foot pressing and the downward shearing of the tool holder and other action specifications.

5. The pressing device is mainly composed of a set of pressing cylinders. Before the tool holder goes down, the plunger of the pressing cylinder pushes down against the action of the spring to compress the sheet material. After the shearing is completed, it is reset under the action of the spring. There is a protective grille for safety protection.

6. The machine is powered by three-phase system power supply (380V), the control circuit voltage (220V) is provided by the control transformer, and the DC power supply (+24V) required by the solenoid valve of the execution circuit is provided by the transformer and silicon rectifier.

What is the concept behind the new generation modular design of hydraulic shears?

Carefully check the main circuit and control circuit of the soft starter to see if there are any wiring errors. After the main circuit is powered on, the control system gives a soft start signal and the main motor starts. In order to obtain the best starting parameters, the test can be repeated. Finally, The starting ramp time of the vertical hydraulic shearing machine soft starter is set to 6 seconds, and the starting current limit is set to 2.8 times.

In the commissioning phase of the soft starter, there should be an interval of 10-15 minutes between each start, so as to allow the power thyristor in the soft starter to cool down, so as to avoid the soft starter alarm due to overheating, in order to obtain For the best starting parameters, the number of starts is greatly increased due to repeated tests. The cooling fan of the electric control cabinet of the soft starter should be running all the time to facilitate the smooth heat dissipation of the power thyristor in the soft starter and reduce the junction temperature.

Due to the existence of pressure loss, the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump must be slightly larger than the maximum pressure required for the system to work. According to Section 4 of the ABB soft starter product manual, the standard parameters in the basic settings of different applications, put the soft starter before the The start ramp time knob on the panel is set to 10 seconds and the start current limit knob is set to 3 times.

The energy loss caused by the sudden change of the pipe cross-sectional shape, the change of the liquid flow direction or other forms of liquid flow resistance is called local pressure loss. Because the liquid in the hydraulic shearing machine is viscous, there is a Due to the friction force, when the liquid flows for a certain distance in a straight pipe with constant diameter, the energy loss caused by friction is called the pressure loss along the process, so the liquid must lose a part of the energy in the flow, and the loss of this part of the energy is specific. manifested as pressure loss.

The pressure loss of the hydraulic shearing machine has two types: the pressure loss along the way and the local pressure loss. The total pressure loss in the pipeline is equal to the sum of the pressure loss along the way and the local pressure loss. It is difficult to accurately calculate the value of the total pressure loss, but the pressure loss is a factor that must be considered in hydraulic transmission. Set the switch S1 on the front panel of the soft starter for selecting the motor connection mode to Motor external location.

The above is the relevant introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the hydraulic shearing machine.

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