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The main reasons for the wear and tear of four-column hydraulic press accessories

by:WORLD     2022-10-03
During the movement of the hydraulic valve core, valve sleeve, valve body and other mechanical components of the four-column hydraulic press, friction is constantly generated during use, resulting in changes and failures in the size, shape and surface quality of the components. The wear or deformation of the valve core of the electromagnetic reversing valve of the four-column hydraulic press may affect the leakage of the valve, thereby reducing its working efficiency. If the gap between the valve core and the valve hole is relatively large, pressure shock may occur.

The wear of the pilot valve of the pressure reducing valve of the four-column hydraulic press will make the valve unstable or even unable to adjust the pressure. Relief valve pilot cone valve or pilot small ball valve is not tightly sealed due to wear and cannot be adjusted properly. The one-way valve of the one-way throttle valve (one-way throttle valve) of the four-column hydraulic press is partially worn, and the sealing is not strict, and part of the oil flow will flow out through the one-way valve, which affects the speed regulation sensitivity. In addition to these basic knowledge, you also need to have a certain understanding of the structure of the hydraulic press in order to accurately find the cause of the hydraulic press failure.

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