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The Main Content and Process of Manufacturing Punch Press


    Precision punch manufacturing generally can be divided into hot and cold processing methods .Hot processing is to study how to use casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, parts of the surface treatment and other methods to make materials into blank or direct processing: with qualitative energy blank or parts, also known as material processing engineering.

    Casting means that the metal, aluminum alloy or composite material is melted into liquid and poured into a shaped mold, which is formed after condensing and closing.Forging refers to forming steel ingot, bar and plate under certain temperature by applying pressure through different forging machines.Welding refers to the splicing of several parts into a complex integral part or component by partial melting or mutual diffusion.Heat treatment refers to the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of materials that change their internal structure through different heating and cooling methods.Heat treatment only changes the material properties, not the shape of the parts.

    The surface treatment of a part is to change the composition or structure of the part surface to improve the performance of the part.Cold machining of mechanical manufacturing is mainly to study the method of forming blank or material into parts with high precision and low roughness and assembling the parts into machines.With the use of precision punch press, various processing methods have been improved unprecedentedly in production capacity and efficiency.

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