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The FAQ of WORLD brand press machines


Q What is the warranty?

A We can provide one-year warranty for the press, 2 years warranty for the crankshaft, 3 years warranty for the wet clutch.

Q Where can we get the spare parts?

A All the electric parts are international famous brand and customer can buy the electric parts at local market. World produce most of the press parts in our own factory and we can provide all parts from here. Urgent parts could be shipped by courier service.

Q Is installation and training service available?

A Yes we can provide installation and training service. And we will provide English version operation and maintenance manual with the press. Customer can also send their operators to our factory for training.

Q Is factory tour available?

A Yes, welcome to visit our factory. Please contact us for the visiting.

Q Is there any customer reference available?

A Yes, please contact our sales team.

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