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The different types of coil feeder


The coil feeder is a common piece of equipment in modern industry. The practical application of the feeder shows that a reasonable choice of AC servo system can meet the requirements of fast response time and high speed accuracy of the control system. There are many different types of coil feeder, and different applications have different coil feeders, so this article will give a brief overview of the different types of coil feeder.

The common types of foil feeders.

Servo Coil Feeders

The Servo Coil Feeder is a digital, mechanical and pneumatic integrated automation machine. It is a type of coil feeder. This feeder is suitable for the continuous production of rolled sheet material.

High-speed roller coil feeders
High speed roller coil feeder is the most widely used feeding equipment. The principle is that the feeder is connected to the output shaft of the press through a connecting rod and is driven by the press to operate. The advantages of high speed roller feeders are high feeding accuracy, high speed, no additional energy supply and very low failure rate.

Air Feeders
The air coil feeder was one of the first feeding machines used in the stamping industry. The advantages of air feeders are ease of operation, ease of installation and affordability, enabling automated stamping feeding at the lowest possible price. In practice, it is mainly used for stamping products that do nor require high accuracy and speed in feeding.

In addition to the types mentioned above, there are also common types of coil feeders such as strip feeders and sheet feeders. The different types of coil feeder have different applications and working characteristics. Before purchasing a coil feeder, we recommend that you find out how each coil feeder works and how much it costs, so that you can choose the best coil feeder for your application.

The working principle of decoiler.
The working principle of the coil feeder is not complicated. However, different coil feeders have different working principles, but they all work in a similar way.The air coil feeder, for example, is powered by an air source and the material is clamped by a cylinder, which feeds the material by means of a telescopic stroke.

The advantages of NC coil feeder.

The NC coil feeder has many advantages. In terms of construction, the NC coil feeder is driven by a high-quality brushless servo motor, which effectively reduces the time required for feed distance adjustment and testing. At the same time, it uses a high-sensitivity decoder, a full touch-screen display for easy operation and precise feedback to improve feeding accuracy. In terms of application scenarios, the NC coil feeder is suitable for high speed and long feed sizes, increasing productivity and feeding accuracy.

These are the full descriptions of the coil feeder. As a result of the above information, do you have a better understanding of our company's coil feeders? For any product, our company has strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeder system for our customers based on detailed information about the coil, such as the weight of the coil, the thickness and width of the sheet and the working speed of the automatic press line. If you need more information about our coil feeders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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