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The differences between the forging press and the punching press.


Do you know about different types of press machines like the forging presses and the punching presses? And what is the difference between them?
This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of press machine: 
1) What is a forging press?
2) What is a punching machine?
3) Conclusion

1) What is a forging press?
Press forging can be defined as the process of forming a metal placed between two dies by applying mechanical pressure or hydraulic pressure. Press forging is usually performed on a forging press, which is a machine that applies gradual pressure to a dolly. The shape of the metal is usually accomplished by applying a single press to each die station.
The main difference between impact forging and pressure forging is that in the former method, a sudden impact is applied to the die, while in the latter method, a gradually increasing pressure is applied to the die.
Press forging is a technique in which progressive pressure is applied to a die that holds a workpiece in place. This can be accomplished by either an open-die or closed-die forging process. In an open-die press forging process, the metal is surrounded by the die on one side only. In the press or closed-die forging method, the metal workpiece is enclosed in a die and pressure is applied to the die. The workpiece undergoes plastic deformation and fills the die cavity .
Compared to open die forging, pressure forging with the closed-die method results in less flutter and less draw. Some common methods of pressure forging using closed dies are fine pressing and wheeling.

2) What is a punching machine?
Presses are large machines with either a "C" frame or a "gate" (bridge) frame. a C-type machine has a hydraulic ram located in the uppermost section, while a gate frame resembles a full circle with the ram centered inside the frame to stop the frame from deflecting or deforming.
The C press has a bed plate for locking the bolts at the bottom of the die. To lock the die, T-bolts are used, so the plate contains T-slots into which the T-bolts are slid. These slots are placed diagonally, and i s common practice to have a horizontal slot on the long side of the plate. These slots extend all the way to a central hole in the plate that is large enough to accommodate another sleeve with a hole that is used to drop the stamped part to the bottom of the press. The top of the tool is aligned with a vertical sliding slide that has a clamping system that holds only a specific diameter of a threaded cylindrical part called the tool "shank". The bottom of the tool is locked to the bottom bed plate, while the top of the tool is locked to the sliding slide. The top and bottom portions of the tool are usually guided by a suitable strut and bushing assembly, which gives security to the punching element of the tool.

3) Conclusion
Generally, the punch tool is placed slightly above the bottom bed plate by providing two parallel blocks ground precisely to the same size. This is a necessary action because, with many tools, the scrap (cut off scrap) is discharged through the bottom element of the tool, not necessarily in the center of the tool. The scrap or blank (the desired part) comes out of the tool at different places. These must be removed horizontally from between the parallel lines of placement.
Otherwise, they can accumulate inside the mold and cause serious damage to the mold.
In very heavy presses with higher tonnage, the sliding slide also has a thick plate with a T-slot for locking the top plate of the tool (called a top bolt). In this case, the threaded cylinder called the "shank" is not attached to the tool. The clamps are either mechanical (manually operated using a wrench) or pneumatic.

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