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The difference between hydraulic press and ordinary hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-12-02

The difference between hydraulic press and ordinary hydraulic press

Compared with ordinary hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses do not contain proportional valves or proportional pumps in the overall control of the system. Hydraulic presses have the advantages of energy saving, low noise, low temperature rise, good flexibility, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. They can replace most of the existing ordinary hydraulic presses. , with broad market prospects. Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, the energy saving effect is remarkable. According to the different processing technology and production rhythm, the driving hydraulic press can save 30% to 70% of electricity compared with the traditional hydraulic press.

The hydraulic system is to make the output of the system, such as displacement, speed or force, automatically, quickly and accurately follow the change of the input, and at the same time, the output power is greatly amplified.

The above are the main differences between hydraulic presses and ordinary hydraulic presses. For more information, please consult.

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